Beach wedding ideas!

Unique new ways to create your beach weddings in Florida.

There are few places on Earth that host as many beach weddings with so many beautiful brides from so many parts of the world as Key Largo Lighthouse Beach. We want to share some of the many exciting and unique destination wedding ideas with you. Call or write us with any questions or comments. We always love hearing from you.

August 12

Your Wedding and Florida’s Red Tide Outbreak

You either already have or you will be hearing about Red Tide on Florida beaches. If you are hosting a wedding on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you need to stay in touch with your venue to track developments. According […]
July 10

Why your destination wedding should be 4 days and 3 nights?

July 3
algal bloom samples Florida

Your Wedding and the Blue-Green Algae Outbreak in Florida

You either already have or you will be hearing about Blue-Green Algae in South Florida. Of course that will automatically cause concern about your wedding. There is no reason to believe it will harm our pristine Florida Keys waters. The […]
June 13
Destination weddings and the zika virus.

Zika & Destination Wedding Locations

Which tropical wedding locations are safe and which are unsafe? Choosing your wedding location includes this new “Zika” consideration. Key Largo Lighthouse, Wedding Destinations, and Zika. First and foremost, we should all realize that the United States is the safest […]
May 22
Beach Wedding decorations on a budget. Florida Keys wedding decorations.

Beach Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Who doesn’t want to know more about decorating weddings? I do. So, I asked our very own decorator, Akalia Martin, for general advice about decorating a beach wedding on a budget. What she said was insightful and surprising. If you […]
April 26
Plan a beach wedding your way in Florida Keys.

How to Plan a Beach Wedding Your Way?

This article is written by the owner of Linens & More Florida Keys, Akalia Martin,about reducing stress and simplifying decorating plans for beach weddings. Her company is in a position to give great advice. Akalia Martin is the most sought after […]
March 21
Renting a beach house wedding in florida

Renting a Beach House for a Wedding in Florida 27 Do’s & Dont’s

Renting a beach house for a wedding transforms your wedding into something that feels like a beach wedding combined with a vacation or family reunion. Moreover, if you pick the right Florida beach house wedding, you can have privacy. Florida […]
February 15
Destination wedding cost, Florida destination wedding cost.

Destination Wedding Cost Guide

Learn strategies for controlling your destination wedding cost. An affordable Florida destination wedding begins with planning. The price of a beach wedding in Florida depends on your involvement. We will show you a radical way to create your wedding Take […]
February 12
Elegant beach wedding Florida Keys

An Elegant Beach Wedding

  Why are elegant beach weddings so popular? The answer is flexibility. A wedding at Key Largo Lighthouse Beach serves almost every bride, from the most formal to the most casual of tastes. This couple wanted elegance. Not overstated or […]
January 19
Wedding food stations, wedding receptions Florida.

Wedding Food Stations – A Better Way to Present Reception Food

Food station receptions are in and sit down dinners and buffet lines may be dinosaurs. Utilizing food stations at your wedding reception is less about food and more about social mixing. The wedding trend at Key largo Lighthouse Beach shifted to […]
January 3
Long tables for wedding reception Florida Keys.

Long Tables for Wedding Receptions

Long tables for wedding receptions create surprising elegance and intimacy Today’s unique weddings are using more and more family style tables. Unlike the 72-inch rounds tables for ten, some of the long, family-style tables have up to 40 guests at […]
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