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Destination wedding cost, Florida destination wedding cost.

Destination Wedding Cost Guide

Destination wedding cost, Florida destination wedding cost.

Learn strategies for controlling your destination wedding cost. An affordable Florida destination wedding begins with planning. The price of a beach wedding in Florida depends on your involvement.

We will show you a radical way to create your wedding

Take the mystery out of planning a destination wedding. Let us show you how to lower the price of a destination wedding that could win awards. Learn how to get a firm all inclusive wedding price with no surprises. Do you know and understand Florida beach wedding prices? We will give you details. You will feel exhilarated and in control. You will understand the costs and know if you received a good value.

Can I afford it? It sounds expensive

Create A Cost-Effective Wedding. If you can afford an afternoon or evening destination wedding at a hotel or resort, then you can afford a very private, four day, three night ALL INCLUSIVE destination wedding event.

Get More For Your Money. A four or five-hour destination wedding ceremony and wedding reception at a hotel or resort is not cost effective. For about the same price, you can live in real privacy with your family and friends for an extended period, be laughing and loving at a top destination wedding venue. Does privacy matter to you and your guests?

“You can have a destination wedding that surprises even your most jaded guests and still control your cost.”

Your destination wedding cost is less, yet it feels so lavish

A private wedding venue opens up a world of opportunities impossible at a public hotel or resort. Let’s create a sample wedding itinerary together:

Our most spectacular – 4 Day WEEKEND ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE

  1. Friday noon arrival.
  2. Friday – most of the guests arrive.
  3. Friday – your whole family spends a private day with you enjoying the venue.
  4. Friday night rehearsal /welcome dinner (Optional).
  5. Saturday wedding ceremony and reception
  6. Sunday morning brunch – guest send-off (Optional).
  7. Sunday afternoon & evening relax on the beach.
  8. Sunday departure for most guests
  9. Complimentary late departure Monday morning – 10 AM.

How do you control the cost of a destination wedding?

I offer this four step process for planning an affordable destination wedding and keeping costs under control.

1. Control stress

You may be thinking that controlling stress isn’t related to our topic, destination wedding cost. But controlling stress allows you to make clear decisions and manage better.

You are unique. Doesn’t it follow that how you plan and execute your destination wedding will be unique? You are managing one of the most important events of your life. Your guest list includes all the most important friends and family. You should be feeling exhilaration, not stress.

Skip this if you don’t feel stress:

Have you heard the term “Bridezilla”?

“The more you read and the more photos you browse through, the more inadequate you might feel because you can’t possibly have all the combined talents of all the people on your Pinterest board. So you start to feel stress. Anxiety about failure sets in. Nervousness becomes panic. An overwhelming feeling that your family and friends might think you weren’t up to the task. Worse, maybe your new spouse thinks you are inadequate. What if my wedding is horrible? What if everything goes terribly wrong? Am I going to start crying at my own wedding? Read on, it doesn’t need to be this way.”

In my whole career I never had to deal with a “Bridezilla”. Do you wonder why? There is a really simple explanation. “Bridezillas” are simply beautiful young women who, for some reason, are under too much stress. Ultimately, something snaps. My destination brides feel that their weddings are under control, that they haven’t been lied to, that the people they are working with are competent, their costs are controlled and there is a plan that will be successful. To this bride, even if there is an issue on wedding day, problems are unimportant because she is relaxed and having fun.

How do you reduce the pressure? Try to remember this, you are getting married not becoming a wedding planner. If you were building a house nobody would expect you to become a general contractor, and an architect and a carpenter. Why is your wedding different? In the next steps we are going to explore how to create a plan, control cost, put the correct people in place and how to manage them.

2. Pick a Design Theme early and stay with it to control cost

Browse, browse, browse

There are “so many photos but so little time”. I will bet you spent hours browsing. That is time well spent. All of those websites can be looked at as tools for gaining ideas. Your sharpest knife and your biggest hammer is Pinterest. What a remarkably easy way to store your wedding vision. Your board organizes all your likes in one place than can easily be shared. We think the right way to use the board is to pin everything we like over a long period of time. But the searching has to stop at some point. You could spend the rest of your life pinning pictures. You need to know when enough is enough.

Stop searching and start calling

Delete the images that don’t really excite you. Delete pins that you know are out of your budget. Now go back and delete some more. That’s right, if you really want to control your destination wedding cost, keep deleting images until are down to ten. Ten images can define any wedding. The only reason to have a Pinterest board is to illustrate your vision. Less is more. Ten photos will focus you and anyone helping you.

Don’t ever go back. It will cost you

Now is the time to create your wedding plan, not look for more ideas. One of the nation’s top destination wedding decorators wrote a great article, “How to Plan a Beach Wedding Your Way”. It explains how the endless searching directly increases the cost of a destination wedding and creates undo anxiety for the bride’s she works with. I hope you get a chance to read it.

3. Select a venue

Location, Location, Location

Travel costs are on the top of the list of how to cut your destination wedding cost. Example: If 100 guests need to spend $1,000 each to fly to the destination you didn’t pick, but only $500 at the location you did select, you just saved (come on the math is simple) $50,000. No matter who is paying, it is $50,000. Even a $200 per person airline savings is $20,000 in total savings. There is no easier way to cut out wedding cost. Our venue, Key Largo Lighthouse Beach, is blessed with good proximity to Miami International Airport. Many astute brides tell me that is part of the attraction to our venue.

It is not in the scope of this article to discuss the many reason to pick one venue over another. We are limiting our discussion to cost.


In studying cost, infrastructure should be high on your list.

Goods and services available locally (stores):

Your guest will want to go to a bank, a pharmacy, a food store, a restaurant, and especially hotels. Is everything convenient?

Wedding Amenities on site:

This means things like sufficient electrical power outlets, lighting, bathrooms, bar, a place for the DJ, and a “plan B” area in case of rain. Check for things you may think are givens, like tables and chairs or you might be in for a surprise. Ask lots of questions before booking. My advice is to have a long list of questions. If you have a good gut feeling after you ask half of them, you may not need to go through them all. But if you get one really bad answer, you better go down through the whole list. There may be more hidden costs lurking in places not obvious. My own wedding venue, provides a long list of amenities that are included at no cost with the venue. They would cost about $5,200 if the bride had to rent the same items herself. Be suspicious if an offering is incomplete.


Good packages are the second best way to save after airfare. Most top venues offer packages that are complete. Once again, ask a lot of questions and if you get one bad answer, ask a lot more. There are many venues that bait and switch. They show a low price, get you to sign the contract, and wait for you to discover all the shortcomings later. It is a cruel world out there. If a price sounds too good to be true, it might be a wedding venue to stay away from. Cheap weddings aren’t good and good weddings aren’t cheap. I am including link to our Florida Keys wedding packages I hope you find that they are a good example of complete, great value packages.

Vendor Strength:

Surround yourself with really top quality people. Who would you rather have helping you, the low bidder or the most qualified? What is the better value? The wedding you planned for a year only lasts a few hours. Your venue should have a trusted list of vendors. To compare, ask for a vendor list and compare it to our Key Largo Lighthouse Beach Florida Keys Wedding Vendors. Any vendor guide should include all the different service you contemplate needing.

4. Enjoy your wedding day

You should be proud. Your wedding plan in place and you hired the best people to execute it. Now it is time to enjoy your day. Not everything will go as planned, and mistakes will be made. But the guests won’t notice and you shouldn’t care. Nothing is perfect except for one thing, it’s your wedding day.