Your burning questions about tying the knot at Key Largo Lighthouse, answered

Contact & Location

For more information, text or call Key Largo Lighthouse at +1 305-432-3135. Email us: [email protected]. We are open every day, including weekends and holidays, from 9 am to 5 pm. Visits are by appointment only. Our mailing address is 2 Thurmond Street, Key Largo, FL 33037.

Our venues are situated on Key Largo Island, a mere 60 miles south of Miami International Airport. The journey is straightforward, with a contemporary highway and newly constructed bridges leading directly to our entrance. You’ll be traveling on the awe-inspiring Florida Keys Overseas Highway, which holds the esteemed title of being an All-American Road, the only one in Florida. This is the highest honor given by the National Scenic Byways program, established by the U.S. Congress in 1991. Only 30 other routes in the entire nation have achieved this prestigious recognition.

Travel is simple. No passports are needed. Your guests will love you when they discover how easy, safe, and secure travel is to your Key Largo wedding because the venue is on Key Largo Island, only about one hour from Miami International Airport. Ft. Lauderdale airport is also a great second choice, only about 90 minutes from Key Largo.

  1. Traveling to Key Largo is simple because Key Largo is located on Key Largo Island, just 60 miles south of Miami International Airport. Miami International Airport is the closest airport. Ft. Lauderdale Airport is also a good option but about 20 miles further than Maimai International Airport.
  2. The drive from the airport is simple because there is a modern highway and new bridges all the way to our entrance. You will be driving on the spectacular Florida Keys Overseas Highway, an All-American Road, the only All-American Road in Florida. It’s the highest recognition possible under the National Scenic Byways program established by the U.S. Congress in 1991. Only 30 other roadways in the nation have earned the prestigious title.
  3. Most guests rent cars because there is so much to do in the Key Largo area.
  4. Or use Uber, which costs about $60 per person based on double occupancy.
  5. If you have a large group traveling together, charter bus service is available through Florida Keys Shuttle, Inc.

Local wedding day bus or car service can be hired to transport guests from the area hotels to your wedding venue on your wedding day. It adds convenience for your guests, minimizes traffic and parking issues at the event site, and can also be a safer option if alcohol is served at your event.

Booking & Dates

We offer 100% free financing. You simply make equal monthly interest-free payments. Reserving your dates could not be any easier. A $1,800 credit card deposit locks in your wedding date. You simply sign the contract right on your cellphone. It can all be done in minutes. Then later, the actual rental payments are paid in equal no-interest monthly installments ending the month before your arrival.

We encourage you to tour the property with us. The properties are private, so an appointment is required.

  1. Use our form to schedule a personal video tour or phone call seven days a week.
  2. In-person on-site tours are available on days the property is vacant. We would love to meet you.
  3.  Call or text an advisor at 305 432 3135 to answer all of your questions.

You can check on the availability of specific dates at, our interactive online calendars displaying the availability of each of our three venues. Every venue has a dedicated calendar that you can refer to. Given the fluid nature of wedding planning, dates may shift, so if you’re interested in a date currently marked as unavailable, don’t hesitate to contact our advisors. For real-time availability updates, call or text us at 3054323135.

Booking your dates as early as possible ensures you have the best options to choose from. We accept reservations up to 2 years in advance, and as close as 30 days prior to arrival. The majority of couples typically secure their dates about 12-15 months ahead. An early booking is advantageous as it not only guarantees your preferred dates but also safeguards you from future price increases.

The optimal month or season for your wedding truly depends on your specific desires. If your aim is to escape the chill of a Northern winter, our island is the warmest location in the US during that season. However, if your family is enthusiastic about water sports, the summer months, with their milder winds and warmer waters, would be ideal for you. Key Largo maintains a relatively cooler climate in the summer and stays warm in winter due to our island location, where the ocean’s warmth moderates both daytime and nighttime temperatures. With more sunshine than Los Angeles and half the rainfall of Miami thanks to our dry winds, we rarely see more than brief, intermittent showers, even in the summertime.

You can stay more than 3 nights. You can stay less than 3 nights. You can add or reduce the number of nights you will be staying at a rate of $1,800 per night. You can reduce the number of nights you will be staying and also reduce the price by $1,800 per night. Or, you can add additional nights (subject to availability) at $1,800 per night.

Subject to availability, you can rent an extra day(s). Contact your advisor for availability and price.

Cancelation policy: Key Largo Lighthouse has a written 100% refund policy for: 1.HURRICANE EVACUATION ORDERS, 2.COVID-19, 3.PROPERTY UNAVAILABLE. The contract lays out the specific details.

Your guest count can be adjusted up to 30 days before the wedding.

Venue Capacity, Privacy & Layout

You can host a wedding with as few as 2 guests to as many as 300. 2 guests are the minimum number of wedding guests capacity. 300 guests are the maximum number of wedding guests capacity. You can host from 2-300 guests at your wedding.

We offer three separate and distinct wedding venues, each accommodating between 2 to 300 guests. Every venue is separate and apart from the other venues including individual entrances, pools, parking facilities, accommodations, beaches, tiki-bars, and party zones. Despite their proximity to one another, they function independently from one another with no shared amenities. For a thorough description of each venue, visit the wedding venues page.

The property is private. You are the only guests for the entire 4 days and 3 nights. Every wedding at our venue is a private, exclusive event, meaning only you and your guests have private access to the entire property throughout your stay with free rein over all the amenities and facilities, day or night. Because it is private, you have the ability to host daily events as a perk many couples appreciate. Your private 4-day/3-night rental gives you the ability to host a rehearsal or welcome party, the wedding ceremony and reception, and even a farewell brunch the morning after the wedding all for one rental price.

You will enjoy exclusive use of the entire venue for your event, with no other bookings allowed during your 4-day, 3-night stay. The space will be entirely yours, ensuring privacy and undisturbed celebrations.

 A sign is posted at the venue’s entrance with the bride and groom’s names.

As our exclusive guests for a duration of 4 days and 3 nights, you have complete flexibility to plan your schedule as you wish, around the clock. This includes coordinating with your vendors to suit your convenience, conducting a comprehensive rehearsal, or hosting a welcome party. Feel free to celebrate into the wee hours without worrying about time constraints. As the sole occupants during your stay, you have the freedom to start and end your events at your leisure.

Venue Features & Amenities

There is no indoor space. We offer outdoor and covered outdoor spaces for all of your events. Our stable year-round temperatures offer a pleasurable outdoor experience in all seasons. And while rain showers are usually only scattered and of short duration, a covered space is provided.

Leveraging our extensive experience from over 1,500 outdoor weddings, we’re well-versed in preparing for your special day. Each venue is equipped with a tiki bar and a covered dining area featuring optional side curtains for wind protection, as the wind tends to be more frequent than rain.

Please note, there is no indoor space. Included with the venue are a backup tent and a Tiki-bar, negating the need for indoor space. Our location boasts more sunshine than Los Angeles and only half the rainfall of Miami due to our dry winds. Even in summer, we rarely experience more than brief showers. Great weather for your destination wedding in Key Largo is virtually guaranteed.

Most couples have a cocktail hour near the tiki-bar, including a house DJ or live music after the ceremony and before the reception dinner. That area also works well for your rehearsal dinner.

The venue is well-lit with an appealing blend of permanent festival and security lighting installed throughout the property. Most weddings held here find no need for additional illumination. However, if you have specific lighting requests, our decorators are on hand to offer advice and support.

We have an insect control program, and our county is nationally known for excellent control measures utilizing planes, helicopters, and trucks. The property is sprayed or fumigated regularly at intervals depending on the season.

There is ample, free on-site parking for all of your guests.

The venues have dedicated bathrooms used just for your parties with a capacity of up to 150 guests. For over 150 guests, additional air-conditioned trailer bathrooms are needed.

Although a lighthouse was a part of our initial venue many years back, it’s important to note that currently, no lighthouse is present on any of our properties.

Vendors & Services

We do permit and indeed encourage the use of outside vendors for most (But not all) services. To facilitate your planning process, check out our recommended list of vendors available. You can be confident that these vendors have been rigorously vetted and are insured.

But, we have a policy that prohibits the use of external DJs, caterers, and rental companies. These services, being critical to the success of your wedding, can only be provided by our in-house teams. 

Before contracting any outside services of vendors not on our website list, be certain to get the necessary certificates of insurance before contracting outside vendors for other services: (1) General liability insurance, a minimum of $1,000,000, (2) Florida workmen’s compensation insurance for all workers, and (3) a liquor license if providing alcohol. Concerning certificates of insurance: In almost all cases, the insurance company sends us a “Certificate of Insurance” within a few days of a request, and nothing more is needed. If you are told that there is a charge for the “Certificate of Insurance,” someone is misinformed. Certificates of Insurance are provided free by Florida law. Your event manager can assist you in managing the gathering of certificates.

We offer great house DJs in our weddings. 

You can hire an outside photographer or videographer if you prefer.

Having a top planner to assist you is so important that we pay 50% of the planner fee if you request the service when you book. Without a planner, your life as a bride can be stressful. With a planner, you can just show up and have a great time.

You will have a coordinator and a planner on-site the day of the wedding. 

There are several groups of people assigned to your wedding:

  1. The maintenance staff starts by cleaning the beach and grounds early
  2. The decorators usually arrive at about 9 am 
  3. Your planner (optional) will be supervising 
  4. An event manager will be on-site or nearby all day for any surprises.  

Professional hair stylists and makeup artists are readily available. They will come straight to the venue to provide their services and ensure you look your best on your wedding day.

Each of the properties has washers and dryers, clothes steamers, iron, and ironing boards.

Key Largo is known for its many seafood restaurants. Some restaurants are a short walk away. There are several great food and liquor stores within a 3-mile radius.

Catering & Bar

We offer you the flexibility to either utilize our on-site bar services or bring your own liquor and rest assured, we don’t charge any corkage fee. Detailed information about our bar and liquor services can be found in the Wedding Catering page. Each venue is equipped with a Tiki-Bar in the reception area close to the house DJ. Our licensed caterers provide full-service bar services, but there’s also the unique option of the “Expert Couple’s” bar – a BYOB alternative. We facilitate a single purchase of your group’s beverages for the entire weekend from a local liquor store. Following this, a per-person fee covers a comprehensive bar setup including ice, sodas, juices, and bartenders on your wedding day.

We provide a selection of in-house caterers for your dining needs. These caterers offer a wide variety of food styles to choose from for your events. For a detailed list of our caterers, please visit the Wedding Caterers page. You’ll collaborate directly with one of our in-house caterers to tailor menus for each of your events, be it your wedding reception dinner, an optional welcome/rehearsal party meal the night prior, or a farewell brunch the morning post-wedding.

90% of our couples personalize all catering menus. The in-house chefs publish the menus only as guidelines. Treat your guests to something special. Create something personal with some assistance from our chef. 

You can schedule a tasting with the in-house caterer you select to finalize your selections.

We encourage kosher weddings and have a fantastic in-house kosher catering company available.

We encourage Indian weddings and have a fantastic in-house Indian catering company available.

Our chefs are well-versed in handling dietary requirements and food allergies. They can assist in planning menus to accommodate picky eaters or guests with specific food allergies. For guests with dietary restrictions, we recommend opting for Station or Buffet Style meals, allowing your guests to choose their preferred items.

Regarding wedding cakes and desserts: You have the freedom to bring in outside cakes or desserts. However, we also have highly skilled pastry chefs at the venue. The current trend leans towards a smaller wedding cake complemented by a variety of other sweet treats.

You have the freedom to bring in outside cakes or desserts. However, we also have highly skilled pastry chefs at the venue. The current trend leans towards a smaller wedding cake complemented by a variety of other sweet treats. Check out the list of preferred pastry chefs.

Decor & Styling

Our decorators can provide advice and arrange a wide array of decor enhancements, inclusive of floral arrangements. For a comprehensive view of the available decor options, please visit the wedding decor page.

Our wedding decorator will guide you through the assortment of available decor upgrades. If you wish to infuse a personal touch, you are welcome to bring your own decor items. For a thorough breakdown of what is included in each wedding option, as well as additional cost items for each decor enhancement, kindly refer to the wedding decor page.

Tables (6 ft. round) and chairs (white resin padded) are included in the price of the venue. You have the option to upgrade to almost any style of chair or table if desired as part of a decor upgrade through the decorator.

A wide variety of types and colors of linens and tableware are available as part of the decor upgrade you select.


For a detailed overview of our on-site accommodation room options, room capacities, as well as information on nearby hotels for each of our venues, kindly visit any of the venue pages for Coral Beach, Hidden Beach or West Beach.

We can accommodate up to 300 guests utilizing a combination of both on-site and off-site lodging room options. Each of our event venues features its own on-site lodging room facilities. For additional guests, we recommend a variety of excellent local hotels within a 2-mile radius, including well-known chains like Marriott and Hilton. Special discounts may be available for your guests at some of these establishments. All relevant information can be found on the Key Largo Lighthouse nearby hotels page

We highly encourage your guests to fully enjoy their time here onsite. Whether it’s lounging or engaging in beach games, swimming or snorkeling in the crystal-clear ocean, or simply unwinding by the pool, there are ample activities to partake in. Moreover, exploring our scenic island and its abundant offerings is always a delightful experience.

There is no jacuzzi or hot tub in any of the venues.


Because you are our only guests, you can party all night if you wish. There are no overtime charges. Nobody will tell you the party is over or you need to leave. However, the house DJ performance will end at 11 PM on Friday and Saturday, 10 PM on weeknights by county curfew. For dancing and partying after 11 pm, you can use the provided Bluetooth speaker and dance and party all night if you wish. The county has a  noise restriction of 75 dB during the daytime and 60 dB after 11 pm.

Sparklers offer a delightful and photogenic choice that engages all guests. However, please note that the use of fireworks and fire (wish) balloons is strictly prohibited due to county regulations. We encourage the use of real flower petals, but please refrain from using artificial ones as they are not biodegradable. Other acceptable options include confetti, beach balls, and bubbles which have proven to be popular among our guests. 

You will be our only guests for the 4 days and 3 nights, so it is entirely up to you and your vendors to schedule what is best for you, 24 hours a day.

There are no restrictions on the use of candles.