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Explore Key Largo Lighthouse’s best wedding vendors, dedicated to making your big day special, all set in the beautiful surroundings of our iconic wedding venues.

Best Wedding Vendors Florida Keys

FL Keys Wedding Vendors

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Handpicked by Key Largo Lighthouse team of experts, here’s your gateway to the Florida Keys top wedding vendors. Experience unmatched quality, and let your wedding shine brighter. Explore each category!

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Navigating the maze of wedding vendors can feel overwhelming. With so many choices and decisions to make, where do you even start? Imagine the ease of having core wedding essentials already in place for you. At Key Largo Lighthouse, our wedding packages offer not just a venue but also a photographer, DJ, officiant, and a seasoned planner to guide you.

The Perfect Time to Dive into Vendor Exploration

With much of your big day essentials covered in our wedding packages, the focus shifts to personalizing and enhancing. Our expert planners have curated a vendor list that isn’t just about service, but about synergy. Embrace the journey with trusted names, turning planning from a task into a treasure hunt. Dive deep, explore, ask questions, and let your heart lead.

Destination weddings thrive on personal touches. While budget guides are great, they’re just that—guides. Maybe your heart sways to capturing te day with video, or perhaps gastronomy sparks your passion. Prioritize what elevates your day. Key Largo Lighthouse isn’t just about destination weddings—it’s about dreams realized. With our comprehensive wedding packages, let the exciting voyage to ‘I do’ unfold seamlessly.