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Learn how to host a private 4-day/3-night family wedding event for about the same price as a 5-hour wedding and reception at a fine hotel.

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Easy travel and simple planning. Make your love shine with a Key Largo Lighthouse Beach Wedding.

It was simply beautiful and breathtaking!

This place was magical! I don’t know how many people at my wedding told me it was “the best wedding they’ve ever been to” hands down! This beach venue brought our friends and families closer and we’ve created memories that we will truly never forget! It was simply beautiful and breathtaking! We couldn’t have been more happy!
maried on June 2019

This was the best venue ever!

For the money, this is the absolute best wedding venue ever, hands down. You get to spend 4 days and 3 nights here with your family for less than most other venues (for just the wedding day). We were so overly impressed with the groundskeeping, ocean views…I cannot say enough about this place. We are SO grateful we picked this place to get married, it will forever be engrained in our memories as the best time of our lives.
married on April 2019

We couldn’t imagine a more beautiful beach venue.

We saw the pictures online but seeing it in person, our jaws just dropped. All of our guests said they couldn’t imagine a more beautiful beach venue. We were really nervous about booking a venue that we never got to visit first, being that we are from Colorado. We showed up and thank goodness it really existed and more beautiful than we could have imagined.
married on June 2019
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If you love your family

A 4-day/3-night family gathering

Your wedding brings everyone together in a rare, relaxed 3-night event. Live laugh and love in this private, tropical paradise. Your wedding celebration will last for days, not just a few hours.
It’s like no other wedding on Earth.