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You will be the only guests on this secluded Florida beach wedding venue for up to 4 days and 3 nights, which means you have privacy and time alone with your best friends and family. You can host a romantic Florida Keys wedding celebration that everyone will remember for years to come because every wedding is personalized.

“It’s unlike any wedding you have ever attended.”

Feel overjoyed, not overwhelmed

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Personalize your destination wedding.

Say goodbye to ‘Cookie Cutter’ weddings. You can have exactly the beach wedding you always dreamed of with our experts at your side as much or as little as you like.

Why settle for a ‘Wedding Rerun’ everyone has seen before. Feel inspired! A secluded Florida Keys wedding celebration is within your reach. Create a personalized Florida destination wedding today, right now, with our assistance.

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What is the best part?

Energize your guests with a private Florida Keys wedding.

Sure, your destination wedding will be spectacular in every way. Your ceremony, your reception, everything as romantic and exciting as you hoped for. But how will it be remembered?

It will be remembered for the private time you spent with your guests, in a way we seldom do in this too busy world. Your guests, from all over the country, just talking, playing, and doing things together. You are giving your closest friends and family the greatest gift of all, privacy. Those precious days alone make Key Largo Lighthouse Beach the top Florida Keys wedding venues.

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Overjoyed. Not Overwhelmed

Simplify your destination wedding in Florida.

Many couples don’t know where to begin. Some feel overwhelmed, which creates an ‘Out of Control’ feeling. You are planning the most important celebration of your life, and all your best friends and family are attending. Relax. You will have experts at your side to help as little or as much as you wish. You can create a Florida Keys wedding that matches your dream with your budget.

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Easy Travel Options

Simplify with a Florida Keys destination wedding.

Your guests will love you for making their travel easy. Our Florida Keys Wedding location is just 60 minutes from Miami International Airport. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach will assist your guests in exploring this mostly undiscovered vacation wonderland.

Pure Florida wedding venue

Florida Keys weddings are our only business.

Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is not like those hotel or resort weddings in Florida. You are not a tool we use to fill hotel rooms or restaurant seats. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach operates two, full-time Florida wedding venues. Explore how Key Largo Lighthouse can personalize your Florida Keys wedding.

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