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Wedding Planners/Decorators in Florida Keys, FL

Wedding Planning/Decorating

Who helps me do the planning?

You will be assigned an experienced advisor to work directly with you from the first day. Using a thorough and complete wedding checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten, you will start planning early to avoid stress. On your wedding day, an experienced planner will be on-site with you to coordinate your day’s events.

What about Decorating?

How will your wedding be decorated? Most couples don’t know where to start. Every couple has a unique vision. It is the planner/decorator’s responsibility to learn what your ideas are and fulfill your dream at a price you can afford.
Relax, it is so easy. You have full access to South Florida’s top wedding decorator Akalia Martin. Based on your photos or Pinterest boards, she will help you design a phenomenal wedding at an astounding price.

Can I hire an off-premise wedding consultant if I choose to?

You can hire any wedding planner or no wedding planner, but we recommend highly experienced wedding planners/decorators listed on this page. They work here every week and have a great advantage because they know all the local vendors to help you control your wedding cost. If you prefer, most wedding planners in South Florida have worked at our wedding venue at some time.

Can I bring some or all of my decor? Can I do my own decorating?

Bringing effects important to you is probably the single most effective way to personalize your wedding.

How much do flowers cost?

Some options from our wedding decorator are listed here. Read this article, “Beach wedding decorations on a budget,” which includes the types of flowers that work well for a beach wedding.