A free gift for you and for your guests!

Wedding Passport

  • The Wedding Passport combines local information with your Save-the-Date and your wedding website. All-in-one.
  • Fully customized free and only available at Key Largo Lighthouse Weddings.
  • Streamline Guest Communication.

Wedding Passport

What is the most often overlooked item of destination weddings?

Guest communication. It is difficult and time-consuming.

What is the Wedding Passport?

It is your Save-the-Date announcement and provides local knowledge for your guests traveling to your wedding. See the Wedding Passport – Local Guide.

How does the Wedding Passport simplify guest communications?

You send one quick email or text with a link to your personalized Wedding Passport. That’s it. Your guests can open the Wedding Passport on any phone, tablet, or computer.

What Does the Wedding Passport Do?

  1. Announces your wedding and is your Save-the-Date.
  2. Excites Your Guests About Your Wedding Location! Key Largo is as unique as it is exciting. 
  3. Informs your guests with a concise guide to travel, hotels, things to do, weather, even why you chose Key Largo Lighthouse Beach for your wedding. 
  4. Helps your guests understand why they may wish to extend their stay in Key Largo a few days to include both your planned events and time for their exploring.
  5. Notifies guests about your Wedding Activity Registry. Your Passport doubles as a personalized activity registry. Many guests may want to purchase activities for the whole group. 

What does my personalized Wedding passport cost?

Zero$$. This beta version is free, including personalization.

Do I need to print the Wedding Passport?

No. The Wedding Passport is online.

How do my guests receive their copy of my personalized Wedding Passport?

The simplest and most popular option is to either text or email a short message to each guest containing a link we will provide.

What are the obvious, direct benefits of your Wedding passport?

Your Personalized Wedding Passport does many things. It:

  1. Announces your wedding plans. It is your Save-the-Date announcement.
  2. Provides guests with the concise local information they need.
  3. Eliminates the need for a separate wedding website. (Or enhances your existing wedding website by adding a direct link to your Wedding Passport.)

What are the less obvious benefits of the Wedding Passport?

The Wedding Passport method provides a persistent digital link to your guests. Email Delivery Is Proven Best. Couples and their guests favor paperless delivery of the Wedding Passport. (Formal invitations can be postal mailed months later.) Email is not only simpler and cheaper to send than snail mail; it also allows you to “track” who has received and even who has opened your communications. A further surprising result? Your guests are more likely to respond with follow-up questions.
(*We use Mailtrack. It’s free for IOS, Android, Gmail, and outlook.) Email tracking for Gmail — Mailtrack

What are the additional benefits of having an email guest list?

There are Many Additional Zero Cost Benefits of Email Delivery.

  • Create an email guest list once to use over and over.
  • Send quick, easy updates or notifications in minutes.
  • Send a wedding day itinerary when available.
  • Send any updated schedule of events as required.
  • Deliver a nightly reminder of what is happening tomorrow during your stay.
  • Announce where and how to post photos.
  • Announce individual events/activities if added later.
  • Send quick “Thank You’s” through planning and event.
  • Follow up with guests who didn’t RSVP.
  • Zero cost.
  • More couples are also emailing their invitations utilizing the same list.

What if we prefer to postal mail our Save-the-Dates and still give our guests access to the Wedding Passport for local activity and hotel information?

We can create a QR code that you can print on your paper Save-the-Dates to give guests access to the Wedding Passport with their phone.

When should we send guests our Wedding Passport?

Early for Destination Weddings. Releasing your wedding Information 10-12 months in advance allows your guests enough time to plan for time off, book travel and accommodations, and take care of any other travel or wedding-related requirements. Many guests use the Wedding Passport local information to assist in combining your wedding with a private mini-vacation. (Mail your formal wedding invitations months later and nearer your wedding date.)

What unique information should I include in my Wedding Passport?

  • Further information. Be sure to include a “Whom should I call with questions”? 
    • For personal/family questions or concerns, please contact (This can be the couple, a parent, a friend, lovely maid of honor, etc.) 555 555 5555 & Email.
    • For questions about hotels, activities, and general local information, call or text the Key Largo Lighthouse wedding advisor. 555 555 5550. 
  • Formal invitation to follow. Add a clarification that a formal invitation will follow. Save-the-dates confuse some people, as they’re not sure if it’s the official invitation. Clear any confusion by making a note that they will receive a formal invitation later.
  • Photo. Include a personal photo. It can be serious or fun.
  • You can’t proofread too much. Have one or two friends proofread for misspelled words or incorrect information.