Elegant Destination Beach Wedding

Elegant Destination Beach Wedding in Florida

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Our huge beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal clear ocean and spectacular sunset views create a priceless setting that any bride lusts after. Beach wedding locations like Key Largo Lighthouse Beach are undeniably the most sought after of all destination wedding venues.

Can destination beach weddings be elegant?

I maintain that destination beach weddings can be the most elegant weddings and the most affordable. How will we define elegant? If a beach wedding has style and grace is it elegant? Would a destination wedding considered exquisite and fashionable be elegant? Are the grand and luxurious weddings we host at our destination wedding venue in the Florida Keys elegant? Yes. Definitely. Elegance is not synonymous with stuffy. A grand outdoor beach wedding venue and a great decor package designed by an experienced beach wedding decorator can take all that nature and turn it into the grandest ballroom of all, mother nature’s great beach ballroom. And it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Elegant destination beach weddings also be affordable? Yes. I encourage you to read this excellent article “Beach wedding decorations on a budget”. Our venue has elegant all inclusive packages for every budget. We can show you how a beach wedding in the Florida Keys is also an economical wedding. You don’t need to spend insane amounts of money to have an elegant beach wedding in the Florida Keys. You just need it to be a destination beach wedding at Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.


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Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: The Wedding Traveler

Catering: Key Largo Conch House Wedding Catering

DJ: Sandra from Scratch Weddings

Live Music: Bob Lyons Steel Drum Music

Hair & Make Up: Ana Baidet A Make Up Artist


Mariana McGraw
Mariana McGraw
Wedding Professional. Founder and owner of Key Largo Lighthouse Beach Weddings Venues.

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