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Low-stress all-inclusive wedding packages in Florida. All-inclusive destination weddings.

All-inclusive wedding packages

Private destination weddings in Florida

Intimate all-inclusive destination weddings

Be bold. Why settle for a replay of that same 5-hour wedding everyone has attended before? Don’t settle for a wedding location your guests will never remember. At Key Largo Lighthouse Beach you can personalize your very own all-inclusive wedding packages. Discover an exciting, more intimate, and modern approach to all-inclusive destination weddings.

Florida destination weddings

All-inclusive wedding packages in Florida, best all-inclusive destination weddings location

Select a destination wedding venue where you are the only guests

You will be the only guests on one of our stunning destination wedding venues. It is this privacy and time alone with your friends and family that makes Key Largo Lighthouse Beach one of the best all-inclusive wedding venues. You don’t need to travel to some hard to reach location or foreign country. Your guests will love you for making their travel simple. Let’s explore the best wedding venues in Florida.

Best wedding venues in Florida

Exquisite Destination Wedding Packages

A lively beach wedding can also be elegant.

For less than the price of a five-hour hotel wedding, surprise your guests with a very private 3-day event on your own private beach estate.

  • Wedding rehearsal/Welcome dinner.
  • The wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Brunch the morning after the wedding.

Your Destination Wedding Includes

All-inclusive wedding rehearsal -destination wedding packages.

Wedding Rehearsal:

  • Rehearsal/Welcome dinner.
  • Table setting.
Destination wedding packages, all-inclusive wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony:

  • Private Ceremony Location:
    Privacy will set your wedding apart from anything your guests have experienced before.
  • Wooden boardwalk.
  • Sunset views.

Wedding Reception:

  • Many menus to choose from – or create your own menu with our chef.
  • Decor – choose from stock decor packages or create your own ambiance with our decorator.
  • Wedding cake and dessert.
  • Bar service. Choose BYOB – it can save you thousands.
  • Master of ceremonies.

Farewell Brunch:

  • Brunch the morning after the wedding.
  • Table setting.


  • Beach house and guesthouse:
    Either venue has both a beach house and a guesthouse to accommodate combined 20-24 guests in comfort.
  • Private beach.
  • Private pool.
  • Beach/pool furniture.
  • Gas grille.
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Affordable all-inclusive beach wedding packages in Florida.
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How much does it cost to do a wedding?

All-inclusive destination weddings in Florida

Can I afford a private, all-inclusive wedding venue?

If you can afford a 5-hour wedding at a fine hotel, you can probably afford a multi-day wedding celebration at either of our private all-inclusive wedding venues. Don’t settle for a me-too wedding. Make your love shine and make your wedding celebration phenomenal!

Coral Beach Florida Keys wedding venue

Wedding venue pricing discounts to $6000 available right now

Feel overjoyed, not overwhelmed. You will create personalized all-inclusive wedding packages with the area’s top wedding planner, wedding decorator, and chef to create award-winning all-inclusive destination weddings. Feel exhilaration. Be confident and self-assured. Make your wedding the most joyous day of your life.

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“I was traveling from Australia so didn’t see the venue until a few days before and I was so nervous. Once I drove into the property my husband said this can’t be it it’s amazing! Thankfully we were in the right place and had a stunning waterside wedding on our own private beach. The day felt private and only our family and wedding vendors were there, no random hotel guests walking by etc. This is a fantastic place to get married!!”

Personalized Destination Wedding Packages

This is where the magic happens. You are about to create your very own, personalized, all-inclusive wedding package. Let’s get back to the exhilaration you felt when you started exploring for destination wedding ideas. Let’s have fun.

Florida Wedding Packages

With the help of top professionals, you will create an affordable wedding package that fits your style and your budget.

Wedding Venues

Discover how true destination wedding venues can transform your beach wedding into an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Wedding Catering Packages

Planning your destination wedding reception dinner is simple because of our tremendous variety of catering packages.

All inclusive destination wedding package - Churrasco Grill

Churrasco Grill


All-inclusive wedding packages Florida - Key Largo Nights

Key Largo Nights


Destination wedding packages - All-inclusive wedding rehearsal

Rehearsal Dinners


Destination wedding package - Expert Bride Bar

Expert Bride's Bar


Wedding Decor & Rental Packages

Create your own special vibe at a very affordable package price. We will create a custom decor package for you.

Classic Table decor wedding package - Florida wedding packages

Classic Table Decor


Brides's choice - Florida Keys decor and party rentals wedding packages

Brides's Choice


Party rentals Key Largo Florida - Wedding tables

Tables Rental

starts at $12*


Chairs Rental

starts at $2*

Wedding Photographers Florida Keys - All-inclusive weddings
Wedding photographer packages

It takes a wedding photographer with years of experience to create an image that draws you in and tells a story. Find local wedding photographer packages.

Florida Keys wedding DJ packages
Wedding DJ’s & live music packages

Your music should not be the same as last week’s wedding music. Find the best wedding DJ packages.

Florida Keys wedding planners, wedding planning - All-inclusive wedding packages in FloridaWedding planner packages

Some couples like to do their own planning, and some couples want assistance. Check out wedding planning packages options.

Wedding hotel packages all-inclusive
Hotel room packages

 All your destination wedding guests will receive guaranteed best discounts from these major Florida Keys hotels.

Wedding videographer Florida Keys wedding packages
Wedding videographer packages

There are no couples who regret having a wedding videographer, but there are many who regret not having one.

Wedding hair and makeup All-inclusive wedding packages
Wedding hair & makeup packages

If you’re looking to transform your look for the special occasion then be sure to hire a wedding hair and makeup specialist.

Wedding cakes Florida Keys wedding packages
Wedding cake & dessert packages

You are only buying one wedding cake, so let’s make it count. Choose from a selection of local wedding cake bakers.

Wedding officiants Florida Keys wedding packagess
Wedding officiant packages

Ensure that you receive a tailor-made, personalized ceremony. Explore the list of local wedding officiants.

Wedding favors and gifts packages
Wedding favors & gifts packages

Say thanks to your guests for coming. Find perfect wedding favor ideas for your guests within this section.

Wedding transportation Florida Keys wedding packages
Wedding transportation packages

Find the right package for airport, hotel, and local transfers or any other transportation needs you might have.

Florida Keys wedding services
Unique services (other)

Rental boats, water toys, golf carts. For all of your other wedding vendors needs, be sure to check out this section.

Wedding professionals on our list offer low-stress all-inclusive wedding packages for much less than you probably think. Find the right package for all your events; your rehearsal/welcome dinner, ceremony, reception, and goodbye brunch.  All-inclusive wedding packages that ensure one low price.

Enjoy being ‘Hands On’ as much or as little as you prefer. You decide. You can do it all yourself, or we can assist you. Work with our experts to create an affordable, all-inclusive wedding package. It will be fun and easy. Either way, you are assured of an affordable all-inclusive destination wedding that fits your style and your budget.

“My wedding weekend was hands down the best time of my life, everyone had a blast! As soon as I stepped foot on that beautiful property all my worries melted away, I’m telling you, that place is MAGICAL. We held all of our wedding events at the venue including the rehearsal dinner and welcome party, it was all so most fun and virtually stress-free! All of the vendors recommended by the venue are awesome, too.”

All-inclusive destination weddings in Florida

Our wedding location hosts affordable and personalized all-inclusive weddings for destination couples from all over the world. The Florida Keys and Key West area provides a sensational beach wedding atmosphere.

Here’s what you need to think about when planning your all-inclusive destination wedding.

Step 1: Never lose control

Many couples say they are overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin. Stress is caused by that ‘out of control’ feeling. You can relax. Our dream team of wedding experts can be at your side to assist you in your decisions as much or as little as you wish. Together we can create all-inclusive wedding packages that match your style and your budget.

Step 2: Hands on all-inclusive wedding

You don’t need to settle for what one property or hotel offers. We can help you create a truly unique yet affordable destination wedding, where you decide exactly what the beach decorations, the food, and the music should be. Your all-inclusive Florida Keys destination wedding will be a direct reflection of you.

Step 3: Choose the right wedding venue

Couples at other venues see their wedding slip away in a few hours. But your wedding experience can last for days at one of our wedding venues in Florida.
Don’t be duped into a hotel or resort that just sees your wedding as a way to fill bedrooms or get some extra revenue for their restaurant. Our highly acclaimed all-inclusive wedding venues pride itself in creating unique yet affordable Florida wedding packages and giving the attention couples expect.

Step 4: A more memorable destination wedding

You will host a 3-Day Wedding Celebration. Bonding, renewing friendships, or just catching up on family affairs all add up to a more memorable wedding. For one all-inclusive price, you rent the entire property at a great rate.
Imagine. No time limits. Your parties stop when you and your guests decide. And best of all, it is private. Be yourself. There are no other guests. Our Florida wedding venues specialize in affordable all-inclusive packages.

Step 5: It’s your dream wedding

How often do you plan on getting married? It’s not really a stupid question. You will have only one dream wedding. Why waste it on mediocrity. What you really want is to create a vivid memory for you and all your friends and families. You can host your wedding at one of the top Florida all-inclusive wedding destinations, Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

Step 6: Have fun

Let’s get back to the exhilaration you felt when you started exploring for destination wedding ideas. Let’s have fun.
Come. Create an affordable multi-day wedding package for about the same price you pay at a hotel for one evening.

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