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Affordable destination weddings in Florida.

Your wedding isn’t a few hours one afternoon or evening in a public place. You will be the only guests on this private estate for up to 4 days. Privacy and time alone with friends and family make Key Largo Lighthouse Beach one of the best all-inclusive wedding venues in Florida and the world.

And the best part is the location. An all-inclusive destination wedding in Florida means your guests will love you for making their travel simple. We offer low stress, all-inclusive wedding packages for much less than you probably think. The best wedding location in Florida, Key Largo Lighthouse Beach, your wedding place in the Florida Keys.

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Best destination weddings in Florida Keys

What ensures that your wedding venue is focused on you?

Select a wedding venue where you are the only guests.

You are our only guests for the duration of your stay. And that means you have real privacy, alone with your families and friends. You are assured of our full attention during your entire stay.

Don’t get pushed into the ‘Wedding Pulverizer’ that so many brides fall victim to. Be unique.

Brides at other venues see their wedding slip away in a few hours. But your wedding experience can last for days at Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

Don’t be duped into a hotel or resort that just sees your wedding as a way to fill bedrooms or get some extra revenue for their restaurant. Our highly acclaimed all-inclusive Florida wedding location prides itself in creating unique yet affordable Florida wedding packages and giving the attention brides expect.

All inclusive weddings Florida Keys wedding packages.

But what is the best part?

Why our all-inclusive destination weddings become unforgettable?

The main attraction of Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is not what it is, but what it does. Your wedding brings your family and friends together for a period of days, not hours. You and your guests have the opportunity to be alone, to have privacy at one of the very best destination wedding venues in the world.

Your entire family, from all over the country, can spend the week just talking, playing, and having fun together. The ability to savor private time with private family and friends is why our all-inclusive destination weddings become unforgettable. Many family members come early. And many stay long after the wedding. One bride called it her “Family-moon”. Find out why we are one of the top wedding venues in Florida.

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All inclusive Florida destination weddings , beach wedding packages in Florida.

How does it work? This is the radical part

An all-inclusive destination wedding in Florida.

On this one property you can host all your events; your rehearsal/welcome dinner, ceremony, reception, and goodbye brunch. You can play on the beach, snorkel, fish, kayak, or just lie in the sun. There is so much to do right here on the property. All your activities begin and end here all for one price. There are no add-ons. Your all-inclusive Florida wedding package ensures one low price.

All inclusive wedding packages Florida

Never lose control.

Many brides say they are overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin. Stress is caused by that ‘out of control’ feeling. You can relax. Our experts can be at your side to assist you in your decisions as much or as little as you wish. Together we can create an all-inclusive wedding package that matches your style and your budget.

Hands on wedding.

You don’t need to settle for what one property or hotel offers. You can create a truly unique yet affordable beach wedding. You decide exactly what the beach decorations, the food, the music should be. Your Florida Keys destination wedding will be a direct reflection of you.

A dream wedding.

How often do you plan on getting married? It’s not really a stupid question. You will have only one dream wedding. Why waste it on mediocrity. What you really want is to create a vivid memory for you and all your friends and families. You can host your wedding at one of the top Florida all-inclusive wedding destinations, Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

Florida beach wedding packages

Wedding packages.

Let’s get back to the exhilaration you felt when you started exploring for destination wedding ideas. Let’s have fun.
Come. Create an affordable multi-day wedding package for about the same price you pay at a hotel for one evening.

Our wedding packages make customizing your destination wedding simple

How do I create and price my own all inclusive package?

ImportantBefore we start, please understand that while the packages below are good guides for pricing approximations. Most couples create all custom packages with assistance from our chef and decorator.

Maybe you would prefer a different menu, or a different bar, or change decor. The all inclusive Most Popular Wedding Package can be substituted with any of the packages found on our wedding catering page or our decorating page. It is simple because all menus and bars are priced separately. Subtract the cost of any package and replace it with the cost of the new package you choose.


You probably already saw that our Most Popular Wedding Package is $65* per guest. It includes wedding day.

You can create these four new examples yourself in minutes:

Example Package #1

$55*per person

Ceremony and reception all inclusive wedding package.

Example Package #2

$64*per person

Ceremony and reception all inclusive wedding package.

Example Package #3

$108*per person

Ceremony and reception all inclusive wedding package.

Example Package #4

$119*per person

Ceremony and reception all inclusive wedding package.

How do you make a change?

If you open the wedding catering packages and review the many menu options, you may find you prefer the “Key Largo Nights” package over the standard “Havana Nights” package. The cost of the “Key Largo Nights” package is $45* while “Havana nights” is $39*. You can make the package change yourself, just substitute the new “Key Largo Nights” package price for the original “Havana Nights” package price. Your new package just increased $6 per person to $61 per person. It now includes:

We are always here to offer advice on making changes and guide you through the selection.

* Prices are plus tax, gratuity. Prices and offers subject to change without notice.

Destination wedding venue in Florida

Are your wedding costs spinning out of sight?

Get back in control with our all-inclusive wedding packages.

Some brides like to do their own planning, and some brides want assistance. Enjoy being ‘Hands On’ as much or as little as you prefer. You decide. You can do it all yourself, or we can assist you. Work with our experts to create an affordable, all-inclusive wedding package. It will be fun and easy. Either way, you are assured of an affordable all-inclusive destination wedding that fits your style and your budget.

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Wedding packages in Florida, all inclusive weddings Key West

Key Largo Lighthouse Beach simplifies your wedding planning.

You may find that some wedding venues are a little less open about their total package price. Some costs may be left to interpretation. Some major costs may simply be left out during your negotiations. Destination wedding venues like hotels and resorts were focused only on renting rooms. It was their mean to an end. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach focuses on extraordinary weddings and nothing else.

Planning your beach wedding at our venue will be easy. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is the only wedding venue in the Florida Keys or Key West that uses our approach. Unlike a hotel or resort, we are strictly a destination wedding venue. Wedding hotels or resorts in Florida view your beach wedding as a way to fill hotel rooms; something that needs to be endured. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is different. Florida destination weddings are our only business.

You will host a one to four-day wedding. For up to four days and three nights, your destination wedding is a private event for family and friends. Bonding, renewing friendships, or just catching up on family affairs all add up to a more memorable wedding. For one all-inclusive price, you rent the entire property at a great rate. You will host your beach wedding with as much or as little help as you desire. There are no add-ons. You rent the entire property for one low price.

Imagine. No time limits. Your parties stop when you and your guests decide. And best of all, it is private. Be yourself. There are no other guests. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is a Florida destination wedding venue operating in the islands of the Florida Keys and Key West. Our venue specializes in affordable beach wedding packages.

Our wedding location hosts affordable all-inclusive weddings for destination brides from all over the world. The Florida Keys and Key West area provides a sensational beach wedding atmosphere. Our all-inclusive packages furnish the affordable destination weddings our venue is famous for. Let’s get started today. Together we can create a beach wedding package that fits your style and budget. – Mariana McGraw – Owner Key Largo Lighthouse Beach

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