Key Largo Lighthouse Weddings Declared Legal by Judge

Key Largo Lighthouse shut down and closing?

Key Largo Lighthouse Weddings Declared Legal by Judge

November 7, 2019 –  An appeals judge quashed a previous code enforcement order to shut down weddings on a vacation rental property in Key Largo.

Lighthouse shut down? Is Key Largo Lighthouse closing?
Key Largo Lighthouse weddings declared legal by Judge. Key Largo Lighthouse Weddings are NOT shut down.

A surprise code enforcement action in February of 2018 and a ruling by a magistrate later that year caused severe distress to a number of renters who had selected Key Largo Lighthouse Weddings to handle their weddings at Coral Beach and Hidden Beach, two properties owned by Thurmond Street Partners.

Key Largo Lighthouse is NOT Shutting Down

The original ruling to shut down the weddings was appealed, but it took a year to get the case in front of a Judge, who quashed the entire original ruling by the magistrate.

Below are links to a recent ruling and the final decision of the Judge.

Appeals judge quashes code enforcement order. 

Judge denies COUNTY request for contempt order.

Shut Down Key Largo Lighthouse weddings
Key Largo Lighthouse Weddings declared legal.

It should be noted that no weddings were canceled or shut down, and no fines were levied against any renters, property owners, or Key Largo Lighthouse Weddings. Regrettably, the stress did cause voluntary cancellations by several renters who were misinformed by different articles published about Key Largo Lighthouse Shut Down.

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