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Florida Keys beach weddings

A Very Private Florida Destination Wedding Venue.

Beach Weddings in the Florida Keys at the Fabulous Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

Spectacular Florida beach weddings 

A very private wedding venue

Would you rather create an amazing beach wedding at one of the world's great destination wedding venues, Key Largo Lighthouse Beach?

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This short video explains how it works:

You and your family will stay directly on your wedding location as our only guests for 1-4 days. Your ceremony, your reception, your welcome/rehearsal party, maybe a brunch, can all happen here on your own private Florida destination wedding venue.

Do you want to eliminate wedding anxiety? We offer phenomenal wedding packages and unparalleled staff to assist you a little or a lot.


Florida Keys Wedding venues

A Florida destination wedding that energizes your friends and family.


Does a stunning Florida Keys destination wedding directly on an immense private beach sound exciting? Are you looking for an inspiring wedding venue? Did you know that you will be our only guests on this fabulous wedding location during your entire stay?

"Do you wish for a destination wedding that will excite even your most jaded guests?"

Florida Keys Wedding venues

A tropical destination wedding venue that is easy to travel to. You can have a very private, multi-day, destination wedding in Florida

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No. It only takes minutes.

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"Having my wedding at The Key Largo Lighthouse Beach was the best decision I made during the wedding planning process! The private beach property is kept in excellent condition and the view is to die for! David McGraw and Lynda Munshower were a pleasure to work with and were quick to answer any questions I had during my stay. The services they recommend to use for catering, decor, and photography are all top notch. The sunset in the background was definitely worth every penny and I'm so thankful to have these memories forever. Thank you Key Largo Lighthouse Beach for making my day perfect and memorable for years to come!"

Your beach wedding is our only focus


Please compare our prices with the wedding packages at a hotel or resort. 

You may be shocked. 

"You can have a multi-day beach wedding in privacy at Key largo Lighthouse Beach for about the cost of a 5 hour hotel or resort wedding."

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Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is not a hotel or resort. Your wedding is not a tool we use to fill hotel rooms or restaurant seats. Florida destination weddings are our only business. You can have real privacy at one of Florida's best destination wedding venues, Key Largo Lighthouse Beach. Let's explore how we can create your wedding package together.

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