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Indulge in our tastefully curated wedding decor options to add a touch of personality to your Florida destination wedding.

Exquisite Decor Options

Craft Your Dream Wedding Without Overspending

Here at Key Largo Lighthouse, we offer a captivating range of decor and party rentals that elevate your wedding experience while staying budget-friendly.

Optimize Your Budget with Our Decor & Party Rentals

Facing a tight budget? We’re here to help. Our seasoned wedding decorator is an expert in weaving together a variety of cost-effective and premium elements to achieve a stylish wedding decor that suits your budget. Open up to us about your needs – we’re here to make your Florida wedding dreams come true.

How will your wedding be decorated? Most couples don’t know where to start.
Each love story is unique and so should be the celebration of it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! It’s our trusted decorator’s mission to dive deep into your ideas and bring your wedding dreams to life, all the while respecting your budget.

We introduce you to South Florida’s top wedding decorator Akalia Martin, who’s just a conversation away. Based on your pictures or Pinterest boards, she will assist you in crafting a spectacular wedding that doesn’t just meet your vision but does so at a price that fits your budget.

Incorporating elements that speak to you is a powerful way to infuse personal charm into your wedding. But remember, it’s your special day – a day for you to shine and not be weighed down by the intricate details of decor. While our Florida wedding venues provides the canvas, hiring our recommended decorator allows your visions to come to life without you having to lift a finger. Remember, the task of decorating extends beyond the glamour and into hours of intricate and strenuous work. So, let our experts take the reins, while you and your guests revel in the joy and magic of your day.”

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