Wedding Venue Pricing
Up to 150 Guests

Are you looking for an Unforgettable Wedding experience?

Something that is fresh, new, and more oriented toward friends and family? Feel inspired with a remarkable new approach to weddings at Key Largo Lighthouse Beach. Enjoy a thrilling 4-day/3-night wedding celebration. Put that tired “wedding rerun” image of all the weddings you ever attended out of your mind.

Your Wedding Venue Pricing
Up to 150 Guests

Unrivaled wedding prices


Midweek 4-day/3-night

Includes venue and on-site accommodation for 20-24.


Weekend 4-day/3-night

Includes venue and on-site accommodation for 20-24.

A $ 1,800 Deposit locks in your date.

* Subject to availability. Prices are plus tax, gratuities and $750 cleaning/recycling fee. Prices and offers are subject to change without notice.

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What’s included:

Our wedding venue rental price includes a phenomenal number of items.


  • Plan “B” backup tent for up to 150 guests
  • Tiki Bar
  • Up-lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Festival Lighting
  • DJ enclosure with raised floor
  • Wooden “Boardwalk” to the ceremony area
  • Up to 100 white resin padded chairs
  • 10 round 72″ tables
  • Ample free onsite parking
  • Appropriate air conditioned bathrooms for up to 150 guests.
  •  Private boat dock


  • Beach House
  • Guest House
  • Private beach
  • Private Pool
  • Beach/pool furniture
  • Gas Grille

Coral Beach vs. Hidden Beach

Coral Beach and Hidden Beach are completely separate. Nothing is shared between the two venues. They could just as easily be in different states.
Each has its own private beach, beach house, guest house, plan “B” backup tent, pool, parking, its own driveway.
So what is the difference? The difference is how you feel on either venue and your personal decisions about what your wedding will be.
On paper, the two venues are almost identical. Either venue is designed for weddings of up to 150 guests. And both are private with their own pool, parking, driveway, etc. Each has a beach house and a guest house with the same total number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
Only you can decide which best suits your wedding. Let’s set up a video tour so you can make your own decisions on what is best for you.

About Your Accommodations

From the “most comfortable” beds to the “It’s So Clean” maintenance we know that your stay will be cherished by your entire group.
Of course, the highlight is the bride’s suite on the wedding day. You won’t be disappointed.

Hidden Beach Accommodations  |  Coral Beach Accommodations

You will enjoy a beach house and a guest house to accommodate combined 20-24 guests in comfort.

Additional guests take advantage of specially negotiated rates at any of our four partner Florida Keys hotels in all price ranges less than a mile away. They can self-book by using our discount codes. Complete hotel details.

Expert planning and big savings of $800.

Simplify further. You can have one of the country’s top wedding planners, Cate Tenopir, at your side for a fraction of the typical cost.

An $800 discount is waiting for you right now on any Cate Tenopir Events planning packages courtesy of Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

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What about Catering and Decor?

You have the option to host parties as you wish. Turn your ideas into a wedding dream come true. You will work directly with our chef and decorator to create your own custom menus and decor. The following should only be considered guidance.

$126* is the average total per person (pp) cost for three parties during your stay. First is the Rehearsal/Welcome Dinner on the night of your arrival, $25 pp*. Second is your Wedding Reception, $55 pp*. The third is a Brunch midday on the day following your wedding, $20 pp*. There are typically no other times when all of your guests are all together.

There are two restaurants within walking distance from the property and many great restaurants and a beautiful food store nearby. The $126 pp average also includes wedding reception decor ($14 pp*) and Expert Bride Bar ($12 pp*).
Our Property is BYOB, which most couples believe saves them about $100 pp.

* Subject to availability. Prices are plus tax, gratuities and $750 cleaning/recycling fee. Prices and offers are subject to change without notice. pp = per person.


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An exciting way to celebrate your unique love story? Yes, You Can afford it

Imagine a 4-day/3-night celebration that costs about the same as a 5-hour wedding at a fine hotel. Imagine your matrimony highlighted with quality time for friends and family in a beautiful tropical location over a number of days.

Why is a 4-day/3-night destination wedding optimal?

Avoid any image of any wedding you have ever attended. You are about to plan a private 4-day/3-night wedding with the help of some of the industry’s top professionals.

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Is or Is Not.

  • NOT a one evening 5-hour wedding and reception like at a public hotel or restaurant.
  • NOT a style “wedding rerun” that everybody saw last month.
  • IS a very private Four-day/three-night destination wedding celebration that unfolds in a romantic and secluded setting.
  • IS a joyous gathering of friends and family in an exotic, tropical destination that nobody will ever forget.

And not to be forgotten…Privacy. You aren’t sharing your wedding with the public.

You will be alone with your guests to focus on your own vivid memories. The idea that people should step back from their “too busy” lives to be together in privacy for a few days is not just foreign, it is a radical idea in today’s culture. Your wedding event will be entirely different than any wedding you have ever attended. We have a better wedding concept. Ours is a slow, low-stress way of hosting a wedding; an updated version of a very old idea.

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4.8 Stars

Award winning wedding venues in Florida.
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Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is perhaps the United State’s
Most Stunning Destination wedding location.

A tropical wedding on steroids. Your own private beach on a tropical Island that is unbelievably easy to access from Miami International Airport. The climate, the water, the feeling is unlike anywhere else in Florida.

Where are we located?

We are located on an island chain known as the Florida Keys. It is the southernmost location in the U.S. and just south of Miami. Please don’t think of our location as Florida. The lifestyle, the weather, and the water are not like any picture you have of Florida, it is more like the Bahamas.

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How do we get there?

We are conveniently located just 60 minutes from Miami International Airport and 1 hour 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport. There is excellent highway all the way to our driveway. Most guests prefer to rent a car because there is so much to explore in our Florida Keys location. Some guests Uber.

What months are best?

We are equally busy all year around for good reason. The best time of year depends on what you are looking for. If your wedding is also an escape from the cold north, come and enjoy the warmest place in the US all winter long. If you love being in the water, think summertime with our gentle trade wind breeze, warm crystal clear water, and the last living coral reef in North America.

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It is “Oh, so very easy”
Sit back and enjoy the moment!

An entire team of wedding professionals is available to tend to every detail. Feel motivated to personalize with your own chef, decorator, and event manager at your side.

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