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Florida Destination Weddings

Spectacular destination weddings in Florida and private beach wedding packages in the Florida Keys.

The Best Florida Keys wedding packages

A romantic new destination wedding idea

Destination weddings just changed forever. Now you can advance to a more romantic beach wedding in the Florida Keys that’s unlike any wedding you have ever attended because it’s totally private, simpler, and so affordable.
Transform your Florida destination wedding into a romantic family celebration where you are our only guests on a big beautiful beach.

How much is a destination wedding?

Read Matt and Laura’s story and discover how to stretch your wedding budget wisely.

Matt and Laura are in Love

They wanted a wedding that everyone would remember for a lifetime. But Matt and Laura didn’t have a huge budget.

Both loved their families and wanted quality time together, so they decided on a destination wedding.

With guests coming from many different parts of the country, they wanted the travel to be easy and inexpensive.
Plenty of activities to keep everyone busy, especially the children, was a must.

Laura’s dreams were of a simple but elegant tropical wedding with plenty of planning assistance included.

Matt was hoping for a “Party to be Remembered.”

Months of research and many weekends of venue visits yielded mostly dull and expensive “Me Too” wedding options.

Until one day…

Laura discovered Key Largo Lighthouse Beach and their totally private, 4-day/3-night destination wedding option.

Laura was so excited about the beautiful private beaches and budget-friendly prices. She shared the information with Matt, who immediately saw the cost-benefit of hosting all of their parties on-site daily during a 4-day/3-night stay at a totally private waterfront venue.

That same night they studied the information about Key Largo Lighthouse Beach Weddings together and learned something astounding!

For about the same price as a 5-hour wedding at a fine hotel, which nobody would remember…they could host a spectacular 4-day/3-night family gathering at a private venue with a private beach, private pool, private tiki bar, and private on-site accommodations.

And they were elated to learn that Key Largo Island is more like being in the Bahamas or the Caribbean, which meant that travel was simple, just one hour from Miami International Airport. No passports or travel anxiety for the guests.

And with every watersport imaginable…
the last living coral reef in North America…
and direct beach access to some of the world’s clearest, warmest waters, to swim or just catch some sun, renew old friendships and make new ones!

Matt and Laura scheduled a live, 10-minute personal video tour to complete their investigation.

They viewed the venue from home while an advisor strolled around the property with them.  She answered all of their questions, including prices and the free financing options.

So, what did they learn from the video tour?
The properties were larger than they thought from the photos, and the full open-water views were breathtaking. And the tour confirmed that the venue was truly private and meticulously maintained.

For as little as $4,000 per night, they were able to rent the entire private venue for a 4-day/3-night gala event.

Matt and Laura felt inspired. Their final price was truly, “Hard to Believe.” They decided to host a welcome dinner ($38 pp), reception dinner ($65pp), and goodbye brunch ($23 pp), far less than a one/evening 5-hour wedding at the resorts and hotels they had visited.

Planning was going to be simple because most of the things they needed were provided in packages. The tables and chairs, lighting, a ceremony arch, backup tent, day-of-wedding coordinator, and even their advisor were all included for just $6,800.
Laura decided to upgrade to the all-inclusive package. For just $1,600, the upgrade included professional photography, an experienced wedding DJ\wedding MC, and an incredible ceremony officiant.
Later, the on-site decorator encouraged them to customize their ($15 pp) decor. She helped Laura with flower selection and color accents.

As advertised, the on-site accommodations ($3,600 for all three nights) were impeccable, and it was a great relief to confirm that there are many fine partner hotels all less than a mile away.

So, Matt looked into the discounts that the partner hotels offered their additional wedding guests. No room block was necessary. Guests could self-book at the hotel of their choice.

Laura and Matt were hooked. They rented the venue for their wedding day about a year in advance. And they decided on financing by paying equal monthly payments with 0% interest. It was simple.

Time flew by. Laura found the planning simple. She worked closely by email and text with her personal advisor, chef, and decorator to customize her entire wedding.

Matt learned that the venue was BYOB, so he purchased all the beverages at the two liquor stores less than a mile away and a draft beer setup from a local brewery. He chose the “Expert Couple’s” bar package for $17 pp so that the caterer provided the entire bar setup, ice, soda and juices, and bartenders.

Matt’s happiest moment came when he realized that their parties could start and end when he and Laura wanted, even all night if they wanted to. (Subject to local noise ordinances.)

The weather was a huge surprise.

They learned that Key Largo is extremely dry, not at all like the Florida mainland. It is the warmest place in the US in winter yet has never had a day over 95 in summer due to the tradewinds.

The big day came, and the wedding was a smashing success.

The ceremony, the cocktail hour, the dinner, and the dancing were a dream come true. The DJ kept the party rocking.

Laura was relieved that the coordinator was on site early, and at Laura’s side to tend to last-minute details and direct all wedding activities flawlessly.

Matt and Laura agreed, “We never expected our wedding to be this much fun.”

The guest’s comments were…
“This was the best wedding I ever attended.” or I don’t want to go home.”

Matt and Laura had a wedding to remember at a price they could easily afford, and you can too.

Begin planning your
“Wedding to Remember”
today, right now.

What is a great first step?
Set up a live, one-on-one video tour without any obligation with one simple call or text.

We are standing by and can’t wait to get started on your private “Wedding to Remember” at Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

Florida Beach Weddings

Private beach weddings in Florida

Toss out the old wedding rule book and say goodbye to those common “Been There Before” weddings. This is the home of thrilling Florida destination weddings. Our all-inclusive beach wedding packages allow you to totally personalize your wedding in a more open atmosphere for the ultimate private beach weddings in Florida.

Plan & Price… your wedding with an expert

Turn your
destination wedding into a Vacation!

The best Florida destination weddings

The perfect choice for beach weddings in Florida

Plan your Florida beach wedding with confidence. Florida’s best destination weddings are created here every week. Our Florida beach weddings are all about personalization and having fun.

We want you to have the best day of your life. Why not have your wedding ceremony and reception at one of the top beach wedding destinations in the world? You can “have it all” at a price that will astound you.
Top on-site professionals can help you create your own unique custom tailored beach wedding packages.

Call (305) 432-3135 to customize your package and start planning your wedding today!

Simplify everyone’s travel to your destination wedding

Feel overjoyed, not overwhelmed! Savor a private Florida destination wedding where travel is simple and no passports are needed. Your guests will feel safe and secure. Our mostly undiscovered Florida Keys and Key West wedding beaches are only 60 miles from Miami International Airport. And we have special discounts at partner hotels less than a mile away in all price ranges to accommodate your guests.

All-Inclusive Destination Wedding Packages

Our couples praise of how simple and stress-free it is to plan a destination wedding with Key Largo Lighthouse. The all-inclusive packages give you the peace of knowing that you’re saving money and have less work to do. Plus, your wedding vendors are trusted and familiar with your venue. Your guests will be amazed by how you pulled it off…but you’ll know how easy it was.

What real couples say

Experience a new modern idea for Florida destination weddings.

It was simply beautiful and breathtaking!

This place was magical! I don’t know how many people at my wedding told me it was “the best wedding they’ve ever been to” hands down! This beach venue brought our friends and families closer and we’ve created memories that we will truly never forget! It was simply beautiful and breathtaking! We couldn’t have been more happy!
maried on June 2019

This was the best venue ever!

For the money, this is the absolute best wedding venue ever, hands down. You get to spend 4 days and 3 nights here with your family for less than most other venues (for just the wedding day). We were so overly impressed with the groundskeeping, ocean views…I cannot say enough about this place. We are SO grateful we picked this place to get married, it will forever be engrained in our memories as the best time of our lives.
married on April 2019

We couldn’t imagine a more beautiful beach venue.

We saw the pictures online but seeing it in person, our jaws just dropped. All of our guests said they couldn’t imagine a more beautiful beach venue. We were really nervous about booking a venue that we never got to visit first, being that we are from Colorado. We showed up and thank goodness it really existed and more beautiful than we could have imagined.
married on June 2019