Accommodations: On site and Off site

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Are the accommodations included?

Yes. Each venue has two homes; first, a beach house located directly on the beach with incredible ocean views, and a second guesthouse set further back. I encourage you to check out all the photos of the accommodations. ( Coral Beach Accommodations | Hidden Beach Accommodations )
On either venue, the beach house and guest house have a combined total of 6 king bedrooms, and two double queen bedrooms plus two queen sleeper sofas, and then there are10 bathrooms. So we estimate 20-24 guests on either of the two venues. You will enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, and laundry in the beach houses and all bedding is included. Everything is maintained to the highest standards.

What are check in/check out times?

Check-in is 4 PM and check-out is 10 AM.

If you have more than 24 guests, where will they stay?

All of your guests can be on-site with you each day, and for additional sleeping accommodations, we have 4 partner hotels in all price ranges less than a mile away at specially negotiated rates. You don’t need to set up room blocks or guarantee anything. Your guests can call an 800 number to make reservations. By using our Key Largo hotels discount name they are assured of getting 10% off the best Internet rate.

When should they reserve their rooms?

As soon as they purchase their airline tickets. Just like airline seats, the number of rooms available is finite and the price tends to increase as the date approaches.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes. Free unlimited service in both beach houses.

What consumables do you provide?

Food items like sugar and salt are not provided. Most non-food items are furnished including bar soap, sponges, dish soap, coffee filters, laundry soap, toilet paper and paper towels for your arrival. Depending on how much you use, there may not be enough for your entire stay, but there is an ample amount to get you started.

What is included? / The bedrooms in the pictures have bedding/sheets – are they included? / Do you charge any extra fees?

There are no extra fees. The beach house is fully furnished for your family to move in. Things like dishes, bedding, towels, washer/dryer are of course included. Many other thoughtful additions like iron and ironing board, clothes steamer, soap in the bathrooms. You move in like at most hotels.

Is daily maid service included?

We can arrange maid service as you require. Two people can be scheduled for a total (for two people) of $30 per hour. These are the same people who will clean your beach house before arrival. That means they know the beach house and are very trustworthy.

What is included in the kitchen at either property?

The spacious modern kitchen is typically a focal point at meal times. They are complete with cookware and service for 16 persons. There are ample and very comfortable living and dining areas. There is also a gas grill next to the pool.

16 dinner plates, bowls, cups, salad plates.
16 Drinking Glasses.
16 Wine Glasses.
16 Mugs.
8 Plastic Drink Glasses.
6 Plastic Beer Glasses.
Set of 16 silverware.
Garbage Can.
Measuring cups and spoons.
Can Opener.
Wine Opener.
Wooden spoons.
Pepper and salt shakers.
Oven mitts.
Drip coffee maker.
Salad Spinner.
Casserole dish.
Containers to store leftovers.
Pots: (all with lids)

  • 10 qt. stock pot
  • 8 qt. stock pot
  • 5 qt. Dutch oven
  • 2 qt. saucepan
  • 1 qt. saucepan

Frying pans.
Mixing bowls.
Cookie sheets.
Baking pans – only if you like to bake.
2 Cutting boards.
Cooking Utensils.
Set Knives (paring, bread).
Dish drying pads.
2 Bread Toasters.
Hand mixer.
First Aid Kit.

Do you have an iron/ironing board and steamer?


Will the guests that are staying at hotels nearby be allowed to spend every day with us on the venue before and after the wedding?

They are welcome to spend all day every day with you.

What about transportation to and from the hotels?

Many couples hire a local trolley or bus on the wedding day to transport guests. It is simple and inexpensive and a great way to let your guests know that you care for them. The hotels are close, so they make multiple pickups before and after the wedding.

How do we make hotel reservations?

Your guests can call an 800 number to make reservations. By using our discount name (See discount name for all hotels) they are assured of getting 10% off the best Internet rate. (Some holiday and event restrictions apply.) You don’t need to do anything except pass this information along to your guests.

I don’t understand. Am I guaranteeing a block of hotel rooms for my guests? What if they don’t take all the rooms? Am I responsible for paying for unused rooms?

No. No. And no. You are not guaranteeing anything. You are not liable for anything. You don’t even need to guess how many rooms you need or at which hotel your guests will stay.

There is no need to guarantee a block of rooms to get a great rate as a Key Largo Lighthouse bride. We have simplified the process so you can focus on other parts of your important day! Your only responsibility is to get the word out to your guests. You can post the hotel phone numbers and discount name to your wedding website and social media sites to make it more user-friendly. Your guests decide which property they want to book with. And they book directly with the hotel by using the toll-free numbers provided. Rates are based on availability, so we encourage you to have your guests book as early as possible.

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