Booking and Tours

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How do you reserve your dates? And when are payments due?

I don’t think it could be any easier. A $1,800 credit card deposit locks in your wedding date. And you just sign the contract right on your cell phone. It can all be done in minutes.
Then later, the actual rental payment is split into two parts. $2,500 is due 30 days after signing the contract, and the balance is not due until 6 months before your wedding. Also, ask about our payment plan. Equal monthly payments ending the month before your wedding will assist in budgeting. There is a one time $300 fee; and no interest.

How far in advance should you book the wedding venue?

Most couples book the venue about a year in advance, but if you need a specific date, try to lock in about 18 months in advance. You don’t pay the rent in full until 180 days before your arrival. (Or you can take advantage of our payment plan.) So, no matter how far you book in advance, the rental payment is due at the same time. By booking the wedding venue early, you get the exact date you want, and you lock in today’s price. There is no downside to booking early.

How does the booking process work?

Booking is simple. There are only three things needed, and all can be done online in minutes.
1. We will send you a request for your billing information.
2. A completed rental contract will be returned to you by email. You can sign it online with your mouse.
3. Last, you will receive an invoice for the security deposit of $1800. You can pay by credit card or check.

Can we tour Key Largo Lighthouse Beach?

We would love to meet you. Do you know that we can get started with a simple-to-schedule Facetime personal video tour? We can arrange your personal video tour on almost any day but Sunday.
We aren’t like a hotel or restaurant. Our Florida wedding venues are private which means we can’t schedule in-person tours when other couples are using the sites. When demand for tours is high, it can be difficult to get a slot for an in-person visit. Happily, most couples switched to the convenience of video tours.

Do couples usually tour before booking?

No. Most of our couples book their dates before their first visit to our venue. Couples planning a destination wedding know that getting a venue reservation secured early is all important. Our couples tend to schedule their tours at our place some weeks or months after booking. We arrange special venue tours for couples who are already booked to accommodate their schedules. Your venue tour should include meetings with the planner, the decorator, and the chef, and maybe others. It is not unusual to have most of your wedding planned before you leave.

When do you need to know your number of guests?

The short answer is 30 days before your wedding. Couples can never predict how many guests will attend their wedding during the early planning stages, so a final number isn’t needed until about 30 days before the wedding. That is when the caterer and decorator begin ordering supplies.
For the venue rental, your number of guests can change right up to wedding day.

Are there different rates for different times of the year?

Our venue has the same rates all year except slightly higher for New Year’s Eve. However, there are sometimes discounts available. Ask your salesperson for available discounts.

Can I pay monthly installment installments?

You can pay 12 equal monthly installments ending the month before you arrive with no interest and a one-time $300 fee.

Do you have a written refund policy?

Your rental is only refundable if there is a hurricane evacuation recommended or mandated for our immediate area, and in that case, a full refund of the deposit and rental is given. The contract lays out the exact details.

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