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How are your beach weddings considered “Radically Different”?

The idea that people should step back from their “too busy” lives to be together in privacy for a few days is not just foreign, it is a radical idea in today’s culture. Your wedding event will be entirely different than any wedding you have ever attended. We have a better wedding concept. Ours is a slow, low-stress way of hosting a wedding; an updated version of a very old idea. The relaxed way we structure our destination weddings is the reason we have never had a “Bridezilla.” We think our wedding venue reviews bear the feeling that both the couples and the guests share.

Who gets married here?

Couples wanting to share their love and joy with friends and family for more than a few hours select our venue. Some couples even call it their “Wedding Reunion” or “Familymoon.” We host the most private destination weddings in Florida. Our brides usually spend several days here in this magnificent location with their family and friends.

Who will help me?

You are not alone. You have a personal team to assist you as much or as little as you wish including a seasoned wedding decorator, chef, MC, and on-site manager.

Are your weddings more formal or more casual?

We host beach weddings from the simplest to the most elegant. Formal can combine with casual here. Our tropical Florida Keys ambiance mixes with our traditional setting which allows tuxedos to mix with sandals.

What is the guest capacity for my wedding?

Weddings from 2 – 400 guests are comfortable.

When is check in and check out?

Weekend Weddings at both Hidden Beach and Coral Beach Venues check in Friday afternoon and check out on Monday at 10 am.
Weekday Weddings – Both venues check in on Monday at 4 PM and out at 10 am on Thursday.

You can extend your stay subject to availability and for an additional cost.

What do we do if it rains?

First, please visit our Key Largo, Florida Keys weather page. You will learn that rain is a modest or minimal threat. But as a ‘’Plan B’’, there is a beautiful 1,500 sf main tent capable of seating up to 150 people installed. More capacity is available. The main tent is in many of the wedding venue photos on our website. Please note: some of the pictures of our venue show the optional liner and leg drapes for added elegance, a $600 option.

What time does the wedding end?

Short answer, you can stay up and party all night. This isn’t like a hotel or restaurant. It is your private wedding venue. There are no other guests. Nobody will tell you that the party is over. It is all yours and only yours 24 hours per day.

Are there noise curfews?

Let’s not scare anybody. Yes, there are noise curfews throughout all the Florida Keys and most places in the United States. 11 PM Fridays and Saturdays. Other days is 10 PM. The limit includes hotels, restaurants, and private homes. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop the party and go to bed. It means you have to be quiet enough that other people can. You are renting an enormous and very private wedding venue. You can play music and dance all night. Just turn down the volume, shut down the heavy bass and turn off the DJ’s microphone so the sound isn’t traveling for miles through residential areas and you won’t have any problems.

Just a warning. The police can and do close down parties and fine the renters if there are complaints.

How many cars can park on the venue?

50 cars can easily self-park. For 75 or more cars you will want someone to help direct cars for about an hour before the ceremony. We have parked 100 cars without much effort or ado.

What restrictions do you have?

There are numerous restrictions spelled out in the contract. Some included points are noise, no smoking in the beach house, the number of persons, parking, campers, boat trailers, no pets and more. We don’t believe any are onerous and we feel all is spelled out clearly. Seldom are there requests for clarifications or changes to the contract.

But what time do you suggest that the wedding should end?

All groups are different. Some play music and dance until sunrise. Some weddings are quite ready to turn off the lights before 11 PM. What is normal here? It is hard to answer. What is easy to say is that you can have your dream Florida destination wedding the way you think it should be.
Food for thought: We understand that a night out dancing usually means going out at midnight and coming home in the wee hours. But this is your wedding. Everybody has been busy all day. By 11 PM most of the crowd is tired. It is often said that there are only two types of people left at a wedding at 11 pm; the ones ready to go home and the ones that should.

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