How is the weather in Key Largo?

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How is the weather in Key Largo?

Forget anything you know about Florida weather. This is different. Key Largo is a tropical island out in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s not like mainland Florida. Our climate is dry, almost desert-like, with the need to water here year around. We are the warmest place in the United States in winter. And we have never had a 100-degree day in summer, ever. So the temperature is nearly always perfect.

What about rain?

Mainland Florida where the sun heats the land mass each day and dumps showers most afternoons and evenings. Key Largo is an island in the Atlantic Ocean south of Miami. It is mostly desert-like. We need to water our foliage year around. Our showers are stray cells that occasionally wander in by chance from the ocean. Most last a few minutes and the sun returns.

But, if needed, our venues each have tents large enough to handle up to 150 guests.


They do call this the Sunshine State. And Key Largo Lighthouse Beach gets more sunshine than the rest of the state. We don’t see the afternoon cloud cover familiar over the mainland of Florida. We have more sun than Los Angeles. Down here on our little island, our venue experiences 70 – 85% of the total sunshine possible. Your chances of a dreary week here are slim.

Air temperature

Our subtropical island location not only guarantees one of the sunniest and driest places in the United States year-round. It also provides us with the least temperature extremes. Wintertime temperatures average 75 to 80° F, with warmer days mixed in. In the summer, our ocean trade breezes make our temperatures more comfortable than many cities much farther north. Our year around average daytime and nighttime temperatures vary only by about 10° F.

Is there a bad month for a wedding in The Florida Keys?

We are sunnier than almost anywhere in the US outside the desert southwest. Yes, sunnier than Los Angeles. And you will see that the Florida Keys are relatively dry. It seldom rains in the winter months. Key Largo is drier and sunnier than Orlando or Miami. In fact, Miami receives about double our annual rainfall amount.

There has never been a 100° F day here in Key Largo. It is probably cooler here in the summer than where you live. And it is almost certainly warmer in the winter. That’s right. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At the peak of summer, the average high is 89° F. Then, in the winter the average is 75° F. This moderation of temperatures is certainly because we are located on an island, surrounded by ocean waters and continually fanned by the constant trade breezes. This is a link to the average monthly temperature, sunshine, rainfall and wind velocities at Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

Wind and water

Activities on the water are affected by the wind and the water temperature. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is blessed with the constant trade winds. The Easterly winds vary little throughout the year. Month averages wind speeds are from 9 – 12 mph. And we have the warmest water. Monthly average sea temperature is 75-86° F. To put this in perspective, the favored water temperature for the Olympic swimming events is 78° F.

Should I be worried about a hurricane?

Many events can force the cancellation of a wedding, tornados, earthquakes, fires, floods, and yes, hurricanes. Of all events, hurricanes are the rarest and the best predicted.

How likely is a Hurricane?

In my 20 years here in Key Largo, 2017 saw our first hurricane evacuation. Before 2017 we never even delayed a wedding because of a hurricane.

How bad was the 2017 hurricane?

It was the worst in 50 years and possibly in 80 years.

How did it affect the weddings? There wasn’t any damage to the buildings?

Key Largo Lighthouse was closed for one week for landscape cleanup. It took an additional week for our hotel partners to open. Two weddings were moved to other locations. All money was refunded. There was no damage to the buildings. In our 20 years in Key Largo, we have never had an insurance claim because of a storm.

But I heard that there was a lot of damage from the 2017 hurricane.

Some locations are not as well built, well protected, or well prepared as Key Largo Lighthouse Beach. In fact, we took in many weddings from other locations that were damaged.

When is the highest potential for hurricanes?

The higher potential for Hurricanes is the month of September. Ironically, September is also the most favored month for enjoying our crystal clear water because of temperature and light winds.

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