Midweek or Weekend Weddings

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Why do couples choose Midweek for their weddings?

A surprising fact is that we host just as many midweek weddings as we do weekends. Here are four good reasons:

  • First – There is a big saving. A midweek wedding is exactly the same as a weekend wedding, only $4,000 cheaper.
  • Second – Travel is simpler. Your guests can travel on the weekends and attend your destination wedding in Florida for four days during the week.
  • Third – The top vendors are more available weekdays and some even offer lower cost wedding packages.
  • Fourth – Hotel rates are lower. If you have additional guests staying at our partner hotels in Key Largo, rates are definitely lower midweek.

What days are MidwHIeek?

 On Coral Beach and Hidden Beach, the midweek rental period runs from Monday to Thursday.

Sample schedule for a Midweek Wedding.

  1. Monday afternoon arrival.
  2. Monday evening – Guests arrive.
  3. Monday night – Rehearsal and welcome party (Optional **).
  4. Tuesday – Wedding ceremony and reception.
  5. Wednesday – Brunch – relax on the beach (Optional **).
  6. Wednesday afternoon & evening relax on the beach.
  7. Wednesday departure for some guests.
  8. Complimentary late check-out Thursday morning – 10 AM.
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