What airport do we use?

Miami International is one hour away. Ft. Lauderdale airport is about one hour 30 minutes.

I want to send packages before my arrival. How can I handle that?

UPS will receive and hold your packages for you. If you are wondering why you can’t simply send your package to our address, you are asking a great question. The problem is that the venue is not normally vacant which means your packages will be received by another bride.

UPS made it easier for you to have your packages held for convenient pickup at the following locations: The UPS Store® or nearby UPS Access Point™ location. You can now redirect your packages for no additional charge* to The UPS Store or UPS Access Point location!

  • For individual packages, choose “Change Delivery” from your UPS My Choice® email alert and choose “Pick up my package at a UPS® location”.
  • To automatically send all your packages to The UPS Store or another UPS Access Point location, go to My Settings and set an alternate delivery location.
  • To access UPS My Choice My Settings, log-in with your UPS User ID

Can we have a fire on the beach?

We have a portable fire pit that meets local fire requirements. Open bonfires are never permitted.

What are the rules about Wish [Sky] [Chinese] Lanterns?

A 2017 Florida statute [CHAPTER 791 SALE OF FIREWORKS] makes wish lanterns illegal. There were complaints of accidental fires set to property. There were also environmental concerns, even on those listed as biodegradable. Biodegradable only refers to how many years they last in a landfill. Those landing in water apparently caused problems. The fine for releasing them is $1,000 plus court costs.
The statute defines illegal items as, “the type of balloons which require fire underneath to propel them.”

However, on the list of legal items are sparklers. Sparklers are great because everyone gets to be involved, and the light creates an opportunity for spectacular photos.

What is the difference between Key Largo and Key West?

They are a world apart, but both are located in the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys is a 100-mile-long island chain running mainly East to West. The East end is close to mainland Florida. That is the Key Largo end. Key Largo is 60 miles from Miami. If you drive West from Key Largo for another 100 miles through the Florida Keys island chain, the last island you reach is Key West. Key West is a fun party town. It has lots of carnivals and events to keep the clubs and hotels hopping all night. Back at the other end of the Florida Keys island chain, here in Key Largo, you find an atmosphere that is far more sports, nature and outdoor activity minded. I think most would agree Key Largo has a more family-friendly atmosphere while you also lower your destination wedding cost.

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