The sand: How does it affect my wedding?

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Will the sand be a problem?

This is probably the most asked question. You might be in for a surprise. Let’s start here: NOT ALL SAND IS CREATED EQUAL. Most beaches have the wrong sand for weddings. Why is our sand better? It packs down pretty hard. You can walk on it, drive or park your car on it, sit in a chair on it, play games on it, and best of all, it is great to dance on. You won’t find it sticking to your ankles like deep sugary sand.

What about heels?

Women walk in heels at almost every wedding. I even have a video of ladies dancing in spiked heels. The real question is whether it is comfortable or practical. Shoes with some heel are right for the ceremony. It is more elegant, and there is a boardwalk all the way to the seating area. Comfortable heels will be good for cocktails and dinner. I recommend platforms or high heels. But for dancing, especially after a drink or two, it is great fun to dance in bare feet or flip-flops.

Can you please confirm that you are on the beach and if we have access to it?

Our wedding venues are directly on the beach, and it is all yours! Toes in the sand and drink in your hand!

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