Who will marry us?

A good suggestion is to hire a Florida Keys wedding officiant from our list. There are people of all persuasions who can help you with your vows for a moderate fee.

What time should I have my wedding ceremony?

Most couples prefer a late afternoon/evening wedding, which means most brides are concerned about light, time of day and how it affects their photos. Your wedding photographer can advise what time is best for your beach wedding ceremony to end, and therefore dictates when the ceremony should begin.

When the wedding ceremony ends, the photographer typically begins work on your portraits, arguably your most important wedding photos. The photographer wants the best light possible. And the best light is during the “Golden Hour”. Wedding photographers refer to the last hour before sunset as the “Golden Hour”. When a wedding venue has a clear west view, the sun sets low and late. That causes the sunlight to change to a more golden color in the last hour. Optimally, your photographer will want the wedding ceremony to end about one hour before sunset so that all your portraits are bathed in this beautiful, natural light. If the wedding ceremony is timed incorrectly or runs behind schedule, the photographer is put in a difficult position. The “Golden Hour” is lost and the wedding photographer needs to resort to artificial light.

Before I bought Key Largo Lighthouse Beach with its beautiful west view, I owned another well-known wedding venue. It had an east view. Photographers would tell me that our wedding portraits weren’t the very best because we didn’t have the direct sunset light. I always thought it was photographer double-talk for “I will make this excuse for my inabilities and baffle her”. But on our very first wedding at Key Largo Lighthouse Beach, I could feel the photographer’s excitement about shooting the sunset photos. And when I saw the finished product I was astonished. There were a color and richness I had never seen in the same photographers’ work at my eastward facing wedding venue.

Marriage License / Florida State Requirements and Fees

Wedding licenses are available to both Florida residents and non-residents. Licenses are valid for 60 days and issued immediately. Photo ID is required (valid Driver’s License or Passport). No Blood test is required. For out of state, Canadians and international visitors, there is no waiting period or counseling required. You must both apply in person. For Florida residents only, there is a three-day waiting period or 4 hours of premarital counseling is mandatory.
The Marriage License Fee is $93.50 payable to the local County and can be obtained at any Florida State County Clerk’s Office during regular business hours. Our local Florida Keys county clerk is about 10 miles from our venue.

How can I have music during the wedding ceremony?

The DJ usually provides this function. Many couples opt to include some live music during the ceremony and cocktail hour like a steel drummer, or guitar, or violin. Our Florida Keys Wedding DJ can give guidance.

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