What about Decorating?

How will your wedding be decorated? Most couples don’t know where to start. Every couple has a unique vision. It is the decorator’s responsibility to learn what your ideas are and fulfill your dream at a price you can afford.
Relax, it is so easy. You have full access to South Florida’s top wedding decorator Akalia Martin, and her company, Linens and More of The Florida Keys. Based on your photos or Pinterest boards, she will help you design a phenomenal wedding at an astounding price.

Can I hire an off-premise wedding consultant if I choose to?

You can hire any wedding planner or no wedding planner. It is your choice. Almost all wedding planners in South Florida have worked on our wedding venues at some time. This is a list of Florida Keys wedding planners who work at our venue every week.

Can I bring some or all of my decor? Can I do my own decorating?

Bringing effects important to you is probably the single most effective way to truly personalize your wedding. But hire the decorator to do the work. It is your wedding day. Neither you nor your guests should be distracted. Decorating is time-consuming and requires skilled people. Not everyone thinks that decorating is glamorous. Much of it is grunt work.

What do we do about tables/chairs/linens/decorations? Do we rent those or are they included?

100 white resin padded wedding chairs and 10 six-foot in diameter round tables are included and delivered to one location on the morning of your event. Setup is done by your decorator. It is straightforward and inexpensive to change to different table shapes and sizes or to rent additional chairs if needed from the decorator. Changing the style and color of chairs and tables to match your wedding decor is simple and affordable.
Tables do not include linens. Linens are part of your wedding decor package. Your decorator has full details.

Are set-up and tear-down fees included? Is there a clean-up fee?

Your rental includes recycling, garbage, cleaning and maintenance, and delivery of the included chairs and tables to the area they will be used. The decorator does charge for set-up.

Linens: I would like to upgrade the decor to include a cake table and some cocktail tables. What is the best way to do that?

The options are nearly infinite. Your decorator has all the answers to what’s available, what works best, and what it costs. For more information, we recommend contacting your decorator.

How much do flowers cost?

Some options from our wedding decorator are listed here. There are also several good Florida Keys Florists worth exploring. This is an excellent article, “Beach wedding decorations on a budget“, that includes the types of flowers that work well for a beach wedding.

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