Outside Wedding Vendors

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Do we allow outside vendors?

Yes and no. We do not allow vendors outside of our list for catering, decorating, or DJ. For most other things, you can select any vendor. If you choose a vendor not on our list to provide any service, a certificate of their general liability insurance, minimum $1,000,000, Florida workmen’s compensation insurance, and liquor license must be presented to our office a minimum of 30 days before your event. We will make the request for the certificates on your behalf if you ask us to. In almost all cases the insurance company sends us a “Certificate of Insurance” in a few days and nothing more is needed. If you hear that there is a charge for the “Certificate of Insurance”, someone is misinformed. Certificates of Insurance are provided free by Florida law.
New vendors will also be instructed to meet us for a venue orientation prior to their arrival. Please, please, please just let us know if you are hiring vendors off the list to avoid problems on your wedding day. We will take charge of the communication if you wish. Just ask us. Have your vendors send their certificates to Sunset Beach Weddings, Inc. 2 Thurmond Street, Key Largo Florida 33037 or email to [email protected]

Do we upcharge the vendor’s services?

You just hit on something important to us. We call it, “The dark side of the wedding business.” What happened to integrity?

We are one of the few major properties that do not charge or share revenue with the vendors. Let’s explain that in another way. Every service that you buy at most properties is up-charged somehow. Some examples, if you buy a $100 bouquet at many properties, the florist receives $50, and the property receives $50. If you hire a caterer and the meal is $80, the caterer pays your property $30 and keeps $50. You hire a DJ for $1,300. The DJ pays the property $300. You don’t see it, you don’t hear about it, but it is happening right under your nose. And you are paying the whole bill!
That harms you in two ways. First, you are paying the property more than agreed. Second and worse, your property decided that their first obligation is no longer to find you the best vendors; it is to find the slipperiest. You are not receiving the best value. Your wedding property sold its soul and broke its trust with you.
Our property is different. Everything is disclosed. There is no dealing under the table. We charge you one price with no hidden anything. The vendors never share their revenue with us. You are free to hire any vendor you wish* without any shady markups. You can save thousands.
The next time you visit a property with an “exclusive” group of vendors, you can bet that those vendors aren’t on that list because they are the best available. They are the group willing to kick back the most to the property. Our vendors aren’t asked to be part of that. We won’t compromise our obligation to our clients because we want you to receive the very best value.

Suggestion: This is a list of wedding packages from wedding vendors that serve our venues regularly and are known by us. They all have insurance certificates on file.

Do you have your own photographers/videographers or do you make recommendations for professionals in the area?

We have great recommendations for Florida Keys wedding photographers and Florida Keys wedding videographers in the wedding packages section.

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