Wedding Catering: Burning questions

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Are we required to purchase your published catering packages?

No. In almost all cases our chef will design something especially for you. The catering packages are more a price guideline to know what prices to expect.

Do you cook on site?

Yes. Something unique and highly unusual for an outdoor wedding venue is that the chefs cook everything on site. They prepare your food next to the dinner area. All of these catering packages are cooked onsite and guaranteed fresh from the kitchen and presented as you expect at a fine restaurant.

Can we customize the dinner menus?

Yes. 90% of our couples personalize all menus. Since the caterers publish the packages only as guidelines. And while the packages are accurate, they are seldom sold as published. Feel exhilarated. Treat your guests to something special. Create something personal.

Is the food plated or buffet style?

We can serve in any style you like.
For small groups, caterers recommend plated dinners because it is more intimate. Further, they find that stations or buffets appear empty and unappealing. For large groups, the only concern about plated (seated) serving is that it requires a lot of staff so everyone can be served at about the same time. It isn’t necessarily more difficult but is more costly than either buffet style or food stations. Buffet style is the most cost-effective and efficient. But if you want to add more excitement and really don’t like seeing your guests standing in a buffet line, choose food stations. The variations are endless.

What are the food and beverage minimum?

None. But most packages have an extra cost per person for groups less than 30.

What is the minimum fee per person?


Is the bar per person/ per hour/ or consumption?

The bar packages quoted are for 5 hours. Additional hours can be added at a small additional cost.

We read reviews where people brought their own liquor. Can we bring our own alcohol? Do you have bartenders for that?

Yes. In fact, that is exactly what about 75% of our brides do. Our “Expert Bride” bar package is what you are looking for. Why do so many brides choose this package? Well, you and your guests will be partying at our venue for some days. That implies your favorite wine, beer, and hard liquors will already be on site. Just let us do all the heavy lifting on the wedding day – All the ice, coolers, soda, juice and the equipment required for a bar; and of course the bartender(s). Our couples say they save a ton.

Is there a set gratuity amount and if so what is it?

Customary is 15% on our bar packages, and 20% on our food packages.

What is your tax rate for food and beverage?


I have some friends and family with special dietary needs. Do you have a dinner option to accommodate them?

Our caterers can handle most requests. Food allergies make food station wedding menus more attractive. Your guests can select the food they prefer. This article about Wedding Food Stations may interest you.

Can we bring in our own wedding cake?


Do you provide wedding cake?

Cake and dessert are included in many of the catering packages, or you can have one of the very talented local wedding cake bakeries create something new and original. If you want some inspiration, take a look at the wedding cakes gallery.

Can we have catering on nights other than the wedding?

Yes. Almost every wedding does. By all means, cater all your parties. There are standard packages for your rehearsal party and even brunch, or the chef would be happy to discuss options and prices.

Can we bring in outside food in addition to the chef’s menu?


Could any food be brought in and cooked in the kitchen?

Yes. You can also cook on the gas grill just outside the kitchen next to the pool. But beware, the kitchen is designed for use as a home, and not equipped as a commercial kitchen. The appliances are not sufficient to contemplate cooking for a large party. That is best left to a caterer.

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