Why a 4 Days and 3 Nights Destination Wedding Schedule?

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Can I add or reduce the number of rental days?

While it is not mandatory to stay three nights and four days, hundreds of successful destination weddings prove it to be the optimal amount of time for many reasons. (Keep in mind that you can add or reduce the number of days on-site for $1,800 per day if you wish.)

Destination Wedding Schedule

Let’s look at the three nights:

Day 1 – Rehearsal Welcome Party

Your out of state guests will not wait to fly on the morning of your wedding. Typically, all of your guests arrive the day before the wedding, which makes for a large rehearsal/welcome (night before) party. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, in fact, ultra-simple is the norm. What you may not have considered is that on your wedding day you don’t get to see your guests. There is hair, makeup, and getting ready all day, then the ceremony, then photos, then dinner, dance with dad, a speech or two, and the night is over. On Friday night, you, as a couple, get to introduce all the friends and family to one another and have an enjoyable, relaxed evening to get to know one another.

Day 2 – Wedding Day

The second day of your stay works best for your wedding and reception. You probably planned an entire year or longer for this day.

Now let me tell you our secret. That party we just talked about, that first night’s welcome party, well it was far more important than it appears. You will be far more relaxed, and your guests will have a great time together. Because you, as a couple, got to merge all the new friends and families last night. Now, on the wedding day, you won’t be nearly as available, but your combined friends and families don’t arrive as strangers. They already know one another, and they know the property. You will be far more relaxed, and your guests will have a great time together.

Day 3 – Farewell Brunch

After the previous two or more days with little sleep, it would not be fun to get up early in the morning after your wedding night to leave. So we add an entire luxury day to the schedule to get up late, have brunch together, and say goodbye to some for the last time. It allows for a whole afternoon to unwind and enjoy one another’s company, reflect on the day before, and recharge a little. Some guests will fly out today, some tomorrow.

Day 4 – Goodbye

Whatever works best for you, you can leave the night of day 3, or you can check out this morning on Day 4.

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