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About Jim Enright Officiant

With a wealth of experience conducting over three hundred marriage ceremonies, Jim has honed his skills as a Florida Keys wedding officiant. As a Notary, his expertise stretches beyond the typical, making each ceremony he officiates a truly unique event.

A Personalized Touch

Jim Enright’s services are all about you, the couple. He understands the importance of personalizing your ceremony to reflect your love story. Be it incorporating meaningful Bible readings or crafting bespoke vows, Jim ensures your ceremony resonates deeply with you and your guests.

Jim Enright, Expert Officiant in Florida Keys

Jim’s ultimate goal is to make your wedding ceremony as special as possible. He brings a sincere and engaging approach to every wedding he officiates, leaving lasting memories for all involved. With Jim Enright at the helm of your ceremony, you’re assured a memorable start to your wedded life.

Officiant Services

Customized Vows, Licensed

Wedding Types

Single Religion, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-religious, Civil Union, Rehearsal, Vow Renewal

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