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Wedding Catering Packages

  • Affordable catering for weddings in the Florida Keys.
  • Personal Chefs and professional caterers.
  • Expert wedding advice, for a stress-free wedding planning.

We take great pride in delivering fresh, affordable dinners by cooking on-site close to your guest seating.

Catering Packages

Planning your destination wedding reception dinner is simple because of our tremendous variety of catering packages. We have great Florida Keys catering packages for your reception, rehearsal party and also brunch.
No matter which catering package you choose, your meals will be cooked directly on the site. That means served directly from the kitchen to your guests; hot, fresh and oh, so appealing. Our chefs are experts at catering wedding fare and the vagaries of beach wedding flow. We will make it look simple.

Bar Packages


The best Florida Keys wedding caterers

Our Florida Keys beach wedding packages aren’t accidents. Each of our vendors was carefully chosen. They have all proven themselves over long periods of time and many weddings, in some cases hundreds of weddings with us. Your destination wedding in the Keys deserves the very best packages, the best vendors and the most attentive people available. We create inspiring yet affordable destination beach weddings in the Florida Keys every week.

Wedding Catering

Are we required to purchase your published catering packages?

No. In almost all cases, our chef will design something especially for you. The packages are more a price guideline to know about what prices to expect.

Can we hire a caterer not listed on the website?

That would be an essential discussion to have with your advisor. We usually advise you to hire one of our listed caterers. They have great packages, varied menus, and great prices. Food is the one thing that can go terribly wrong and ruin a wedding.

Do the caterers cook onsite?

Yes. Something unique and highly unusual for an outdoor wedding venue is that the chefs cook everything on site. Your food is prepared next to the dinner area, guaranteed fresh from the kitchen and presented as you expect at a fine restaurant.

Can we customize the catering packages?

Yes. 90% of our couples personalize all menus. The caterers publish the packages only as guidelines. And while the packages are accurate, they are seldom sold as published. Feel exhilarated. Treat your guests to something special. Create something personal.

Is the food plated or buffet style?

We can serve in any style you like. I asked Chef Laura recently for her advice on when guests should be served buffet style, or with food stations, or seated (plated). Laura gave some practical and insightful guidance in this brief article on deciding how to serve her dinner packages.
For small groups, she recommends plated dinners because it is more intimate. Further, she finds that stations or buffets appear empty and unappealing. For large groups, her only concern about plated (seated) serving is that it requires additional staff to serve everyone at about the same time. She finds buffet style is the most cost-effective and efficient but emphasized that if you want to add more excitement and don’t like seeing your guests standing in a buffet line, choose food stations. The variations are endless.

What are the food and beverage minimum?

None. But most packages have an extra cost per person for groups less than 30.

What is the minimum fee per person?


Is the bar per person/ per hour/ or consumption?

The bar packages quoted are for 5 hours. Additional hours can be added at a small additional cost.

We read reviews where people brought their own liquor. Can we bring our own alcohol? Do you have bartenders for that?

Yes. That is exactly what about 90% of our brides do. Our couples say they save a ton.
Our “Expert Bride” bar package is what you are looking for. Why do so many brides choose this package? Well, you and your guests will be partying at our venue for several days. That implies your favorite wine, beer, and hard liquors will already be on site. Just let us do all the heavy lifting on your wedding day – All the ice, coolers, soda, juice, and the equipment required for a bar, and of course, the bartender(s).

I have some friends and family with special dietary needs. Do you have a dinner option to accommodate them?

Our caterers can handle most requests. One suggestions, to simplify meal planning for food allergies, consider utilizing food stations or buffet service so your guests can select the foods they prefer.

Can we bring in a wedding cake?


Do you provide a wedding cake?

Cake and dessert packages are shown. The modern trend is a small wedding cake for photos in addition to a table full of assorted desserts.

Can we have catering on nights other than the wedding?

Yes. Almost every wedding does. Ask about a rehearsal party and even brunch. The caterers would be glad to discuss options and prices.

Can we bring in outside food in addition to the chef’s menu?


Could any food be brought in and cooked in the kitchen?

Yes. You can also cook on the gas grill just outside the kitchen next to the pool. But beware, the kitchen is designed for use as a home, and not equipped as a commercial kitchen. The appliances are not sufficient to contemplate cooking for a large party. That is best left to a caterer.

Do you up-charge the vendor’s services?

You just hit on something important to us. We call it, “The dark side of the wedding business.” What happened to integrity?
“Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is one of the few major wedding venues that does not charge or share revenue with the vendors. Let’s explain that in another way. Every service that you buy at most venues is up-charged somehow. Some examples, if you buy a $100 bouquet at many venues, the florist receives $50, and the venue gets $50. If you hire a caterer and the meal is $80, the caterer pays your wedding venue $30 and keeps $50. You hire a DJ for $1,300. The DJ pays the venue $300. You don’t see it, you don’t hear about it, but it is happening right under your nose. And you are paying the whole bill!
That harms you in two ways. First, you are paying the venue more than agreed. Second and worse, your venue decided that their first obligation is no longer to find you the best vendors; it is to find the slipperiest. You are not receiving the best value. Your wedding venue sold its soul and broke its trust with you.
Key Largo Lighthouse Beach is different because everything is disclosed. There is no dealing under the table or hidden anything. The vendors never share their revenue with us. You are free to hire any vendor you wish* without any shady markups. You can save thousands.
The next time you visit a venue with an “exclusive” group of vendors, you can bet that those vendors aren’t on that list because they are the best available. They are the group willing to kick back the most to the venue. Our vendors aren’t asked to be part of that. Key Largo Lighthouse Beach won’t compromise our obligation to our clients because we want you to receive the very best value.”
Suggestion: This is a list of Florida Keys wedding vendors that serve our venue regularly and are known by us. They all have insurance certificates on file. You can negotiate your best deal and rest assured nothing shady is occurring. No vendor ever shares their revenue with Key Largo Lighthouse Beach.

Do we allow outside vendors?

Yes and no. We do not allow vendors outside of our list for catering, decorating, or DJ. For most other things, you can select any vendor. If you choose a vendor not on our list to provide any service, a certificate of their general liability insurance, minimum $1,000,000, Florida workmen’s compensation insurance, and liquor license must be presented to our office a minimum of 30 days before your event. We will make the request for the certificates on your behalf if you ask us to. In almost all cases the insurance company sends us a “Certificate of Insurance” in a few days and nothing more is needed. If you hear that there is a charge for the “Certificate of Insurance”, someone is misinformed. Certificates of Insurance are provided free by Florida law.

Does a friend or relative helping me need insurance?

If you are not paying them, no, but if you pay, and someone is injured, by Florida Law, you could be held liable for their expenses and maybe far more.