Scrumptious yet affordable

Wedding reception catering packages.

We take great pride in delivering fresh, affordable dinners by cooking on-site close to your guest seating. Food is served directly from the kitchen to your guests.

Packages by Key Largo Conch House

Packages by Chef Drew’s Island Catering

*Price includes: food, chef, servers, set up, clean up. Priced per person + 7 ½ % tax & 20% gratuity. All prices and offers on this website subject to change without notice and subject to availability. Children’s menu $25. Prices may be higher for groups under 30 persons.

Don’t settle for an airline quality dinner

You deserve a hot, fresh, appealing yet affordable dinner for your wedding. Please don’t be duped into buying food cooked off-site and delivered later in hot boxes. Your guests will know the difference. It may surprise you that most wedding dinners follow the same routine as airline dinners. Most meals are cooked in advance and kept in hot storage boxes, driven to your location, and held until it is time for your dinner time. Yuck!