Wedding DJ's, Bands & Live Music in Florida Keys, FL

Music makes the party, and all the top Florida Keys wedding music professionals play here regularly.

What does a Florida Keys Wedding DJ do?

Why is the title ‘Master of Ceremonies’ more appropriate?

The role of a wedding DJ is very misunderstood.

It is normal to have a mental image of a DJ pounding out music to a throbbing crowd. That is a club DJ. You do not need or want a club DJ. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a club DJ as your wedding DJ.

The term Wedding DJ is already a source of confusion. A more correct term would be Wedding Master of Ceremonies. DJ’s here in the Florida Keys have a lot more responsibilities than just playing some music. The wedding ceremony, first dances, introductions, cake cutting, the cocktail hour, and lastly, the dancing all need an expert with a microphone. I know you get it. A wedding without a great Wedding DJ/MC is just not as exciting.

A great Florida Keys wedding DJ spends hours planning with you and for you.

Playing the correct music at your wedding is not an accident.

Your music should not be the same as last week’s wedding music. It should not be the same as next week’s wedding. Your wedding is unique because you are unique. A great wedding DJ will begin planning with you weeks in advance of your wedding day. He will ask a lot of questions about you, your guests, your family and your music tastes. You want the perfect mood before your wedding ceremony and the perfect songs during the ceremony. Music that means something to you. The right music at cocktail hour creates a certain spirit. What do you expect your dinner music to transmit. A first dance requires a song with the right lyrics to define your marriage. What do you want for your introduction? Should it be spirited and joyous, or somber and guarded?

And about the dancing, it is your wedding day. Your most loved friends and family are attending your wedding for one reason, they want to wish you the best. And that includes dancing with you, to your music. If you are having fun at your wedding reception the guests will join in. Do pick dance music that excites you. The crowd will follow. But if you are just not into dancing, and you don’t expect to be on the dance floor most of the night, that is OK too. In that case, let the DJ pick the music as the night progresses. He is an expert at reading the crowd and keeping them dancing with just the right music.

What about Having a Band?

Nothing is better than a band. Period.

If you can afford a wedding band, hire one. Nothing excites us more than live music.

But you will also need a wedding DJ. Your wedding ceremony music will start about 4 PM and your wedding dancing will end around 11 PM. The band plays for 4 hours. The math doesn’t work. Your wedding DJ will fill that huge music void for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner. What about introductions of the wedding party? Who starts off and ends the speeches? You need a wedding MC, a voice with a microphone. And when the band takes their breaks you are left with recorded fill music that stops the party. This is the exact moment when the DJ jumps back in and keeps your wedding moving.